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Spring is only a month away, and you’re just in luck to win a brand new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses! SmartBuyGlasses was kind enough to have you pick from three fresh pairs, all by Ray Ban (because I couldn’t pick just one!)—the Clubmaster, the Wayfarer, and the Aviator.The results of this giveaway are based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! Open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, March 17th at 12 am EST.

As you wait, you might want to also check out their Ray Ban glasses sale, persol glasses, and their Miu Miu sunglasses.

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Stylingon is your personal shopper or wardrobe stylist for the fashion novice or the busy bee who just needs an extra hand for that special event. Whenever people I personally know ask me advice on what to wear, my most common response is “dress however you want!” It’s not that I am just being apathetic or lazy. It’s in fact because I do care about people staying true to themselves.

However, that sort of response of “dress however you want” doesn’t quite float when I’m trying to be friendly, even though I mean it with love. :) Stylingon would be the place to ask professionals to be professional and thorough about their advice in creating, or even finding your very own personal style. They will be very helpful if you need the makeover that you require (as opposed to forced on you by a certain evil but hard not to watch TV show, *ahem*).

At this point, they are still in beta stage. You can request an invite here if you want to be part of the club or to just to stay in touch.

alamodest alamodest alamodest alamodest

I must’ve been out of my mind being out bare legged. It was nice and toasty indoors and quickly realized right after stepping outside that we are more than a month away from spring. Well you know, fashion shows always come out with their spring collections a season early or more, right? I put on some microfiber tights right after these pictures and went on with my day. This outfit looked better with tights on. Frankly, anything is better than my pasty white legs right now.

I have on an Anglomania denim jacket by one of my favorites, Vivienne Westwood. Westwood’s belief is that fashion is sort of like a marriage of ideas between the French and the English. Anglomania, therefore is a good name to use for this line of clothing. However, the name quite literally means an obsession with all things English. The Union Jack is probably one of the best looking flags, and I see it being worn as a fashion statement by people of different nationalities. I must admit I still have my awesome old black off the shoulder cropped tee with the Union Jack and the words “ROUK” all in silver. I stopped wearing it because I just don’t wear cropped tees like I used to and also because I felt weird wearing it. It wasn’t like I was English or had ever gone to England. I also notice the a lot of other national symbols in fashion–the American flag, the Japanese flag, and the Eiffel Tower  most commonly. For those people who associate with these nations being represented and even for those who don’t, how does this make you feel—odd, ticked off, proud, silly?

I myself represent a couple of cultures, but I can’t help but be somewhat ashamed showing my devotions to them, enough to wear their symbols around. I am proud of my cultural backgrounds, but I am also disappointed with them in some ways. I would hate to walk about parading a national symbol that is both of prosperity and oppression and get lost in a political discussion somewhere along the line.

 Jacket: Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood

Bag: Prada

Shoes: Sam Edelman



2013valentinesmix I was going to put up this post yesterday on Valentine’s Day, but I had an unforeseen special evening with the hubby and delayed this! Here is the first ever “Valentine’s Mix: Friends & Lovers.” Okay, so I just meant one lover and the rest are some of my awesome friends whom I handpicked based on their equally good (or just varied) tastes in music. :) I am proud to say that a lot of these gals I chose picked songs  I would’ve picked myself if I had to choose more than three top love songs, and picking just three was very difficult to do…

The “best” songs of course usually change from time to time, but these selections are at least the top three love songs we fancy at the moment. Rob and I have exchanged countless of mix tapes  from back when we were just dating till after we got married, where more than half were in the theme of love.

For your listening pleasure, in alphabetical order… enjoy :)

valentinesmixbloggers2013 Bella (Citizen Rosebud) : Avett Brothers – I and Love and You | Cake- She’ll Come Back to Me | Queen- Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love

Cameron (33 Avenue Miquelon) : Al Green- Let’s Stay Together | Mazzy Star- Fade Into You | Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms

Elisa (Style Bizarre)  : Pearl Jam- Just Breathe | David Bowie- Heroes | Siouxie and the Banshees- The Last Beat of My Heart

Kailey (Mermaidens) : Blur- To The End | Kimbra – Cameo Lover | Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly

Victoria (Justice Pirate)  : Alton Ellis- Ain’t that Loving You | In Pieces- The Anchor  | Imelda May – Falling in Love With You Again

Rob (linked to my heart): Lykke Li -My Love | Colin Bluntstone- Her Song | his third song… he can’t make up his mind!!!

Moi, yours truly. (à la Mode St.) – Casper & The Cookies – Across the Sea | Black Moth Super Rainbow – Spraypaint – Toad the Wet Sprocket - All I Want


Shells Galore! Zee Bee Threads

February 14th, 2013


How can you get enough of SHELLS? You live in these things everyday—you layer with these, sleep with these, workout with these…

Zeebee Threads has quite a good selection of comfortable and sleek shells with different lengths and styles for various seasons. They’ve got shells that are thermals, sheer rib, flowy, off the shoulder, short/long sleeved… you name it. They’ve got an impressive selection.

For someone who loves to layer, I don’t think I have enough shells at all. I somehow lose these things like socks. Some (un)lucky person out there I’m sure got a hold of a couple of my sweat(literally)shirts at my old gym.


Pink Bows When Nobody Knows…

February 12th, 2013

racheldahlalamodest alamodest alamodestracheldahl

I’ve been avoiding wearing anything too cutesie these days, but I just can’t help going back to how I used to dress. Thinking that it’s almost Valentine’s Day and all (excuses, excuses), I decided to wear something fun and pink for a change. Aryamia sent me a nice off the shoulder dress in black, which I absolutely love! It’s sleek and sexy. The dress also comes in a variety of colors, in two sizes (S/M & M/L) and is a bit stretchy, so it’ll fit the slim and curvy alike. Underneath, I put on a vintage 70s long sleeved blouse with a giant bow to “top” it off. I really like the spillage action—the pink polka dots popping out of the black dress and the bow hanging down the center. These light weight leg warmers I have on I wore as socks by scrunching them down. I also put on two special brooches, the rose from Giovanni and Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel.

 Aryamia has dresses, tops, and leggings for the spunky indie girl. You can choose to layer the clothes with something neutral or colorful depending on what you’re dealing with if you wish, just like what I did with this blouse on a wintery and windy afternoon. To smooth off the dress’ silhouette  after tucking in the shirt, I put on an underbust corset (or you can use stretchy shapewear). That way it doesn’t look like I have waves of fat bulging out of the dress (layering fixes 101!). which was actually from the folds of the blouse under it. You don’t always have to get cropped tops or chop off your beautiful shirts just to get this accomplished. Aryamia does sell cropped tops though if you want to check that out. The fabric of the dress is just wonderful! It’s not heavy at all, so judging by that, I believe everything else in the store is of good quality.

So for Valentine’s, if you feel like you’ve been giving too much love to others without getting much in return, treat yourself instead—perhaps with a nice dress or those pair of shoes you’ve always wanted. You need to be a happy person, without overindulging and being mentally content with your life, before you can healthily serve others with little or without self pity.


Dress: Aryamia

Brooch: Giovanni & Chanel

Ring: Cookie Lee

Shoes: Michael Kors (similar)


On Left of Right’s website:

Left of Right is an online jewelry retailer based in Orange County, California. Our buyers offer an extensive knowledge and expertise that balance trends and individuality when handpicking pieces. Left of Right promotes the idea of self-expressed fashion while using inspiration from several themes as a basis for our identity: Tribal Art, Victorian keepsakes, Gypsy Goddess, Punk Rock ethos, and street style from the culture of Los Angeles and New York City.

Our creative team keeps each of these adherent themes in mind to create a culture of fashion: wearable art for the unconventional. Left of Right not only provides style and exquisiteness, but a free-spirited aesthetic that represents the owner’s lifestyle. Whether worn at night or during the day, by itself or layered on, each piece of our jewelry has the ability to magically transform and define an outfit. All of our pieces have a reason and a meaning, often incorporating representations and symbols that have various meaning depending on the individual.


The two featured bracelets pictured above (blue & black):

Woven Hex Nut Bracelet
Part of their “Stackable Statements” collection, this 18K gold plated eye candy is too yummy to pass up. I usually do not wear woven bracelets, but the addition of the gold in it makes this classier. They also have this in cotton candy pink.

Black Hex Nut Bracelet
Also part of the stackables, this bracelet is woven with sterling silver. Simply rad. You can pair this up with some of their punk rock and tribal jewelry, which is probably my favorite part of Left of Right’s accessories. Watch out for the eyeballs, the deadly spikes, and the head & hand chains. They are the best.


Left of Right’s stuff may be trendy, but these are trends I’d totally go for. Some of the colors may be cutsie, but they are like I said, way classier than your average Hello Kitty fan’s stuff. Left of Right has attitude, and I like their message. I am quite a fan of the unconventional, and they are also not too out there for the mainstream.

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