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Romain de Tirtoff, commonly known as Erté (from his initials, R.T.) was well known in the modern world of the 1920s for his art deco designs applied to jewelry, film sets, and fashion. Art deco is characterized by lots of geometric shapes and bold patterns. which is what I was really into when I had an 80s outfit kick about a year ago! The modern era, largely in contrast with the punk and grunge years, was mostly about depicting wealth and affluence through artistic works. As you will see below, these women look like they are superstars (some of them below are named after mythical gods even). Here are a few of my favorites from this Russian-French artist’s costume portfolio:

tuxedo-erte vtagearterte1asian-princess-erte athena-erte black costume-design-13 ertecostume on-the-avenue-erte the-end-of-romance-erte


Finally high quality AND affordable corsetry is available to you from Orchard Corsets. No more paying $200+ for an authentic steel bone corset that’s supposed to last a lifetime, and no more opting for costume corsets that do not do a thing for waist training! I own two plaid corsets style 411 from them, which is perfect for smaller framed women and are great for layering seamlessly with your casual clothing. I chose these two because a lot of what I have look too conspicuously like corsets—shiny and lacy. The plaid was a good choice, yeah? Oh and you know what, corsets are awesome for posture training too. because they force you to sit up straight (and also to eat slow). Talk about becoming a proper lady. They do wonders for my back, which I really need right now! Whaddaya know?


Above: Crepe Suzette 411 Supreme High Strength Navy & Green Plaid Overbust Corset

Below: Crepe Suzette 411 Highland Red Plaid Underbust Corset w/ Black Satin Trimorchardcorset-alamodest

I am also honored to host a giveaway for Orchard Corsets, so you can own one of their lovely shapewear. I must say, their website is quite classy. The photos are relatively clean (which is a plus for me), and the options aren’t cluttered. It’s easy to find your way around and hopefully find what you like!


This giveaway is based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! The giveaway is open to all (US and international) ages 18+ and will end on Sunday, February 10th at 12 am EST.

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ONecklace: Monogram Necklaces

January 22nd, 2013


ONecklace has built themselves a name creating name jewelry. You can customize your name or initials in their fancy monogram script like pictured above, and their selections come in sterling silver, 14 kt gold, 18kt gold, and 14 kt white gold (for non-monogram). You can choose the type and length of chain (14″, 16″, 18″, 20″); from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets; and the option to pick styles that have Swarovski crystals and diamonds (for non-monogram). For the monogram necklaces, click here.

rachel dahlrachel dahlrachel dahl

I am totally barefoot in all of these shots, so I cut the bottom parts off. Nope, not trying to be foot modest or anything… just feet shy, because I had been lazily walking around barefoot all morning. It’s winter, and I am barefoot and proud (at least not in these photos).

I’ve worn this over-sized sweater in a previous winter outfit post, and I just love eeet. I’ve proudly told complete strangers this week that I had been living in it this whole week (again, so proud of my hobo-ness).

I am really excited about what I am about to share with you in less than a week! I am going to be working with corset-ors (corset creators?) and will be giving away corsets just like what I am wearing in this post! I am still trying to figure out how to make corsets look like part of my clothing, because I really hate to have people think of underwear when they see my outfit. I am married and work everyday—it’s not like I am around hep cats all day. Tee hee. I think I should change my tagline to “constructive conservatism,” because that’s what I pretty much do.

And oh, before I go… thank you so much Clementine from the Camerawalls for Rob’s birthday favor! I should put that video up for everyone to see. Before then, everyone PLEASE CHECK THE CAMERAWALLS OUT! The guy is like Lennon, and the music is like The Smiths.

 Stirrup leggings: Shopbop

Corset: Shape Corset

Sweater: vintage

Fedora: Topshop


Christmas season is over for most people, and for some of us gift giving hasn’t ended. I personally just received a Christmas gift card today from friends whom I haven’t seen in a while. It was a restaurant gift card, which I am plenty sure Rob and I can make use of. So for the others, what do people who don’t get us get us? By us, I mean people with a particular sense of style. What do others give us in terms of style-related presents, recommendations, or comments?

They might say things like:

“This would look GREAT on you!”

“Oh yeah, she totally likes pink. or flowers. or sequins.”

And you think,

“Well yes, I like some things with those but not ALL of them!”

PUNK. If you like punk, post punk, steam punk, or other variations of punk (the look, the lifestyle, and hopefully the music) like I do, you probably like the clothes of Richard Hell, Karen O, old school Madonna, Ann Demeulemeester, etc. Instead they give you clothes that resemble what’s actually called emo: Avril Lavigne’s, black hair phase Ashley Simpson’s, and Paramore’s Hayley Williams’. Instead of rust and distress, they give you cute cartoon skulls and neon colored chalky hand drawn stars on a black background…ooh real scary.


90s. If you like the 90s look, which I have been admiring a lot this year, you probably like  a more refined version of the 90s’ clothes like how Luanna from Le Happy’s dresses. You take inspiration from Claire Dane’s character Angela from My-So Called life without actually dressing like her completely because that could get a little frumpy without modification. Instead others might think you like wearing PJs out, always wearing flannel and beanies and other things stereotypical. The 90s had good style too, apart from the bad ones.

LOLITA. If you like lolita, you probably feel or look best wearing a certain type of lolita—whether it be classic, sweet, goth, or punk. If you wear classic, some people might think that you are just really into really old vintage, without even knowing the time period (which in this case is Victorian and Rococo). If you are into sweet, others might just think you like cute and girly stuff period. Or Hannah Montana. They get you things that are pink, floral, and glittery. Though sweet lolita is cute, it is a combination of cuteness and mischief. A lot of folks don’t get that.


SWEET INDIE VINTAGE. I say vintage loosely, because all the things I listed above are from an older time (same way I use “indie” loosely). The sweet indie vintage look is what most fashionistas like right now. It’s like nothing else is fashionable to them (I guess I can’t blame them, because I went through that too). This could look like a bit mod or 40s with flirty dresses, knee-high socks, cat eye make up, secretarial Mary Janes, boat shoes, or oxfords. Most people who are keen on pop culture can think of Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom, because they somehow still get film style even if they don’t quite get fashion style. Some people just see the “sweet” part of what you’re wearing and totally ignore “indie” and “vintage.” I used to wear this style for about 2 years with an emphasis on 60s Parisian, and I had friends who kept thinking I like pink and girly things, and that was all I was to them. I don’t even really wear pink…especially not hot pink.


INDIE POP. The first person I think of when I think of indie pop clothing is Katie White from the Ting Tings. People who don’t get it will think you’re into hip hop or something. At one point in my life I wore indie pop clothes—colored tights and big bold 80s patterns. At that phase of my life, one of my friends picked up these really colorful and girly earrings and told me they were “so me.” I haven’t even worn earrings since early college, so I’m not sure how that even resembled me at all.

I know these complaints might sound a bit bratty, but you’ll only really “get it” if you’ve been a misunderstood victim like I have. This post is for those of you who need to have to go someplace else, including the WWW, just to be understood by like-minded people who live and breathe clothing. As much as you want to be thankful for people’s thoughtfulness, sometimes you can’t help but be just a little bit hurt by how wrong others perceive you.

Though we shouldn’t try to let others’ comments affect us negatively, how do other people think of you?


And oh, I just signed the pledge to shop second hand first by the ever cool Citizen Rosebud. Come join?

be chaplin

Not too long ago, an older woman asked me if any of my male friends liked to hunt. I told her that I didn’t really know anyone my age who did and surmised that maybe it had something to do with our generation and/or not having had a father who hunted as a hobby. I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t think I can personally kill an animal after seeing the very same one alive—a reason that Mark Zuckerberg  decided to do something about.

Into hunting or not, B.E. Chaplin offers a nice selection of active outerwear in addition to their guns—from “stockings” and boots to fur hats and scarves, mostly in neutral earth tones with a hint of color. One of the items from their women’s jacket collection is the classy Barbour Morris Quilt Jacket (Photo on the bottom right corner of the above image). It comes in two colors—brown and olive. Currently in stock are some of the bigger sizes (sizes 8-16), but I am not sure if they carry smaller sizes at all. I personally am loving the olive color. Everything else in their store is just elegant.

In a less elegant fashion, I finally came back to tell the lady (who asked me if had friends who hunted) with a picture of my new bad-A “friends.” They aren’t men, but they sure can hunt…

Amy Poehler & Rashida Jones (Parks & Rec)


2012 hasn’t really been much, blog-wise, so I  put together a few random outfits from years past. I have to make up for all the missing New Year recaps somehow! :-) Feel free to visit my old outfit posts for the full images.

2013: From à la Modest to à la Mode St.

…why the name change? 


It’s like calling myself “good” when no one is truly good, “righteous” when no one is righteous (Romans 3). Only, this title is attached to my domain name.

I admit that I am not perfect, and I cannot be the shining example to all who are modest dressers.

Humbly, I am a work in progress. I am nothing without grace.

This might sound a little cliché (which I absolutely HATE), but only God can truly know what is in my heart.

The most hurtful comments I’ve gotten this year were from people who claim to be modest, rebuking without love, insulting without giving suggestion.

That kind of correction has always caused me to rebel, but I am not saying that I am right to do so.

I went though very difficult times within my own marriage, challenging my own beliefs in the system of faith, patriarchy, and modesty.

The two, patriarchy and faith, were the reasons for my choice of dressing conservatively (in that order).

I need to realize that my husband is not my god and act on it.

My personal decisions should come from inspiration and not from fear. I have always learned better that way.

Am I going to dress like how I used to before à la Modest? Not entirely. Not even close. My journey with modesty has taught me many things, and I shall keep many of them.

I will do my best to respect my husband and love him, despite his imperfections. I am not any better.

In here, you are loved no matter how you dress.

We dress in a certain way for a certain reason, but we must not be a threat to one another. We must love each other and let each other practice what we believe in without hate. Do not invoke fear. Inspire. Let others follow you, because of it. Be it modest, be it goth, be it hippie.

Welcome to  à la Mode St., my dear friends.


Love and joy,

Rachel Dahl


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