2013: From à la Modest to à la Mode St.


2012 hasn’t really been much, blog-wise, so I  put together a few random outfits from years past. I have to make up for all the missing New Year recaps somehow! :-) Feel free to visit my old outfit posts for the full images.

2013: From à la Modest to à la Mode St.

…why the name change? 


It’s like calling myself “good” when no one is truly good, “righteous” when no one is righteous (Romans 3). Only, this title is attached to my domain name.

I admit that I am not perfect, and I cannot be the shining example to all who are modest dressers.

Humbly, I am a work in progress. I am nothing without grace.

This might sound a little cliché (which I absolutely HATE), but only God can truly know what is in my heart.

The most hurtful comments I’ve gotten this year were from people who claim to be modest, rebuking without love, insulting without giving suggestion.

That kind of correction has always caused me to rebel, but I am not saying that I am right to do so.

I went though very difficult times within my own marriage, challenging my own beliefs in the system of faith, patriarchy, and modesty.

The two, patriarchy and faith, were the reasons for my choice of dressing conservatively (in that order).

I need to realize that my husband is not my god and act on it.

My personal decisions should come from inspiration and not from fear. I have always learned better that way.

Am I going to dress like how I used to before à la Modest? Not entirely. Not even close. My journey with modesty has taught me many things, and I shall keep many of them.

I will do my best to respect my husband and love him, despite his imperfections. I am not any better.

In here, you are loved no matter how you dress.

We dress in a certain way for a certain reason, but we must not be a threat to one another. We must love each other and let each other practice what we believe in without hate. Do not invoke fear. Inspire. Let others follow you, because of it. Be it modest, be it goth, be it hippie.

Welcome to  à la Mode St., my dear friends.


Love and joy,

Rachel Dahl