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I remembered obsessing over getting newspaper print tights last summer, but I never really found a lot of choices for different prints on fashion tights until I found Trendy Legs. They are a bit expensive, but one pair is enough to make your day or night really memorable. :) I’ve seen a lot of girls with colored tights, but I haven’t really seen many with prints on them. Designs on TL’s tights include feathers, words, birds, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Buddha, flowers, and trees—definitely a whole lot of prints and fun colors to choose from!

Now on to the good news! Trendy Legs is giving away 3 PAIRS OF PRINT TIGHTS to 3 lucky winners (all random). The tights’ designs will be chosen based on availability.

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This giveaway is based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! The giveaway is open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, December 16th at 12 am EST.


Winners: monicamezaa – yumihamano – lunrei

After 36 years of denim artisanry, Parasuco has earned its reputation as one of the 10 most influential denim players in history – Vogue Italia

Parasuco contacted me to have you all know about their denim contest. Although it is a popularity contest (which I am not a fan of doing anymore for my own contests), the first place winner will be picked out by Mr. Salvatore Parasuco himself! This contest started on the 9th of this month and will end on the 7th of December, so hurry and get your design(s) in! Fill up this entry form on their Facebook page.

Good luck!


November 12th, 2012

I love this cat sweater dress made in Japan! I wish the buttons on the bottom side of this dress were a little more prominent though. They are only on one side, but I do think that symmetry is not always ideal. I put on a collared striped button down shirt inside, a pair of yellow knee-highs, and Nine West oxford pumps. These dorky yellow glasses, I wore in an older outfit post when our bichon was still alive :-( Lately I’ve been really obsessed with layering collared shirts. I’d like to purchase clip-ons of different patterns, because I am too lazy to make them on my own.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, this isn’t my actual hair. My hair is dyed black and is wavy and shoulder length. Instagram (now with a web-based version, yay) will tell you what my latest actual hair looks like. I just took advantage of the 50% off Halloween sale a week ago :) You guys should definitely stock up and plan for next year’s Halloween by buying off season. I might wear this wig for outfit shots from now on though, because it’s so Ramona Flowers (in between dying sessions)! I’ve totally wrecked my tresses after going platinum, green, and blue many times. I do miss my blue hair the most. The whole being compared to Katie Perry thing though was annoying.

I cannot waiiiiit for shows we’re going to see these next couple of weeks! Hello Ash, Deerhoof, Liam Finn, and Sufjan Stevens! I tend to want to listen to the bands I’m about to see right before seeing them. Anyone else do that too?

Sponsor: Mili Bra

November 6th, 2012

Please welcome my newest sponsor, Mili Bra. I finally found a bra that looks smooth under a t-shirt! Their bras are made out of pure cotton ALL over, so the cups inside are not made with synthetic material, which is what you get with most “cotton bras.” I’ve been having back problems lately, and I think it’s because my bras aren’t very comfortable to wear. Mili Bra is very soft to the touch and is made from breathable material (check out each layer close up), so you can probably sleep in these if you want to. No more rashes, itchiness, sweat, or scratchy elastics. The bras aren’t lumpy, so you can wear them without seeing bumps on your back or shoulders… which can get really unslightly, unless you are somehow into the reptile look?

What’s awesome is that Mili Bra’s design is patented, so you’re getting something completely new—and frankly, will probably change your life (as far as comfy underwear go). Their website is also distraction-free, having mostly just photos of the actual undergarments on there without models. I think in this case, you can live with not being able to see how something looks on someone—it’s just for chilling out :) It’s $39 each, but I think it’s definitely heavenly. So give it a try!

Love their stuff? Like them on Facebook!

Sway Chic Maxi Dress

November 4th, 2012

Thanks to Sway Chic for sending me their Striped Overlay Maxi Dress! I really didn’t expect the quality of the dress to be this GOOD (of course, pictures online don’t really say much as far as texture goes… at least not in our lifetime!), but this is really nice. I love the length and the way it feels on your skin. You can view their other maxi dresses on their site. The material is really smooth, though a bit clingy to the contour of your body. This maxi dress isn’t too constrictive on your legs, so you have ample room to walk:) It’s wonderful overall. I might just wear this to a wedding I’m about to go to and can’t wait to style it with something else. It can be worn casually with flip flops or in a dressy way, which is what I tried to do here. I paired it with these Diane Von Furstenberg Olympia wedges and vintage J. Renee suede bag.

If the neckline is too low for you, you can try to tie the straps together with a bow in the back like I did. I’ve been doing this a lot with some of my tops and dressses that I just hate to get rid of. Sometimes it can get too warm when you layer, so this is a good alternative. Of course, I was freezing while taking these photos though, but I really wanted to capture the dress as is with just a few accent accessories. If you would like to have me review your product(s) on  à la Modest, I’d love to work with you— drop me a line! In other news, I am now a writer for Extant Magazine on my very own column called “à la Modest.” A new article should be up this week, so stay tuned. Also, for those who haven’t entered the giveaway for $100 Shopbop gift card, it’s ending on the 10th!

You’re going to see a lot of these pieces in the fall—sweater dresses (or just plain big sweaters), leggings/tights/skinnies, and boots. Ah… but I love them! I’ve been living in cozy sweaters since ’09. I have just about every color of wool berets in my closet that are fairly priced, because I lose these just about as often as I wear them! These things really do never get old. Sweater is too plain? Top it off with a nice waist cincher! What’re you favorite fall pieces, overworn or not?

Boots: Demonia(punk goth-inspired)

Bag: Louis Vuitton Black Epi St. Jacques

Leggings: Kenneth Cole



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