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2012 Summer Yard Sale II

July 24th, 2012

Second post on the same day… kind of rare for me, huh? I just wanted to let you know that I added more things in my shop! These things in particular are in auctions ending in a little over a day, so make sure you bid before you forget :)


Nautical Flats Size 7: Barely used and in like-new condition. LOVE nautical designs! SOLD!

Christian Dior Parfums Clutch – In great condition, except for staple marks on one side of the bag. It has a nice velvety pearly pink color. EDIT: SOLD!

Simply Vera by Vera Wang band/military design slingback pumps Sz 6 – In very good condition.

J Renee vintage velvet/suede evening bag – Very clean and classy. Has embossed golden accent on the front flap. See page for measurements.

Reem vintage new wave 80s clutch – genuine leather; see page for measurements

A Miss America handbag by Smartaire - see photos for slight discoloration and for measurements

I hate that I cannot stray away from the vintage prep look. It’s starting to get on my nerves. I should be able to change styles with a little bit of discipline and thought, but it’s difficult once you have figured out what sort of image you think looks best on you. Don’t you ever think it’s unfair that how you naturally look often determines everything else—how you are treated, what clothes are most flattering, your job, your mood, etc.?

Despite the task of learning to accept your own appearance, you are still faced with the hard-hitting reality of how everyone else perceives you. You can learn to ignore other people’s opinions of you, of course. It’s very difficult, however, especially for us women, who have from day one been measured by our appearances.

Because of how I look, I too have been mistakenly put into the wrong category. The most common misconception people have of me is that I am somehow into really girly and cutesy things (this must not be the first time this has been brought up on here). It sort of bugs me when people assume, because of how they perceive me based on my appearance, that I might like something. I guess some feel that it is somewhat Holmesianly clever to look me up and down and deduce that I am into Gossip Girl or Mad Men. I really cannot stand those shows. I might like the clothes in them, sure, but their dialogue and story (or lack thereof) leave a really awful taste in my mouth.

I am always tempted to change how I dress, because I want to be perceived more like my interests. You can’t just keep changing when you feel like that, though. You can’t control what other people think of you, so you shouldn’t let them determine your life—unless you really believe that it will help you be a better person. That specifically was one of the reasons for me to dress more modestly. During the days when I slip up and wear a dress or a skirt that’s just a tad too short, it’s unbelievable how many disgusting looks and comments I get, especially when not around my husband. That attention is unnecessary, and to me, quite appalling. I don’t understand why girls expose their bodies and just allow themselves to be treated like this.

Circassian Black Hair

July 17th, 2012

After more than half a year being “blue”, I got bored with my hair. I changed it to a color that appeared like my natural color. I have naturally brown hair, but I like the way how jet black is so shiny! Bleaching really did kill my hair so bad, so this was definitely a nice change. I used two boxes of black hair dye, and I STILL have streaks of blue in some parts of my hair. I have been asked if dressing up with blue hair was difficult, and I have to admit it was at first. Without thinking, I would pull out blue items from my closet more than usual and put them on (like in this last outfit post, for instance). My mother-in-law would say for the nth time, “Your hair matches your shirt!” How come nobody ever says that for black, red, blonde, or brown hair?


How fortunate that the only ad I found for Circassian hair dye was an ad from Baltimore, which is where I live. Supposedly in the 1800s there were a variety of products inspired by the beauty of Circassian women. One of them is dark hair dye (dark brown or black) which was very popular at the time. Circassia now occupies mostly the modern day Russian Federation. Circassian women were thought to be the epitome of beauty, but they were also enslaved sexually. It must be so nice to be that beautiful that the whole world looks up to you, but at the same time, it is also miserable that you do not even own yourself. That is what tends to happen when women put out too much of their bodies and make it their identity. There is an illusion of power that they hold, but they really are nothing else but a fleeting image. If you want to learn more about Circassian women, you can always look the topic up on my trusty Wiki.



Summer Blog Yard Sale?

July 14th, 2012

I was really glad that a rockabilly fan bought my Reebok oxfords immediately! I am also selling a lot of my other vintage stuff to those who might want to take it home. Take a peek below.

Steve Madden Gold Glitter Pumps High Heel Stilettos – Size 7.5 – Barely Used

Nautical Swimsuit with golden accents and gold metal ropes Size small. (EDIT: SOLD!)

This is one of my best-looking bathing suits. I absolutely adore nautical designs. I sold THE best looking suit I had, because it was just too problematically sexy for a family beach.  I think I want this in medium, so I am selling this.

Margolm Vintage Jumbo Clutch with Colorful Snake skin

I honestly do not have the patience to repair things, so I end up selling what I have that needs some patching up  instead. That’s what happened with my oxfords which I did buy brand new and wore out only once. This just needs some cosmetic work on one of the snake skin triangles.

Yves Saint Laurent purple clutch with mirror inside (EDIT: SOLD!)

I’ve never really used this. Clutches are not convenient to carry around. I need something to just hang on my shoulder or my arm, so I can forget that it’s there (could be good or bad). I have been carrying so many things with me, especially after getting married. I wonder what my purses will look like when I become a mom.

Rockabilly style pastel checkered bow sandals – size 7.5

Strawberry Leather Purse

I bought this, because it caught my eye immediately. I’ve never used it either.This definitely qualifies as a pretty-at-first-sight impulsive purchase.

15″ Madeline dressable plush by Barbara Bemelmans

Madeline was one of my favorite childhood characters. I have sold the smaller version of this doll. I also have a lot of Madeline things I might think about putting up online.

Elizabeth Arden makeup (mostly unused)

A few of these were given as a gift (thank you, Vanessa), but they just aren’t colors I really use.

Off Season promo DVD – brand new

Sherilyn Fenn fan?

Regina Porter semi-sheer vintage blouse with bow – size medium (EDIT: SOLD!)

I just realized this was too big for me, and I needed to get rid of it.

The Muppets Kermit the Frog T-Shirt - Girls’ Large

I also only used this out one time. I bought it right after seeing the new Muppets movie. I thought I could get away wearing a kid’s shirt in large, but it proved a little too tight on me. It’s obvious when you see Kermit’s face get a little wider than usual!

Bakers Gladiator Sandals Size 7 (EDIT: SOLD!)

Bought these second hand, and they only came half a size smaller than my feet. Of course, my feet ended up hurting after a day out in these. So if you are a size 7, you’ll most likely have a better experience in these shoes :)

That’s it for now! I will put up more things when I find more!

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Rebellion has Blue Roots

July 9th, 2012

So I’ve had blue hair for over half a year now—I think? I can’t imagine it’s been that long (it’s been a while since I posted photos)! I went from turquoise to a deep blue to a regular blue. It was a lot of fun while it lasted (it was a semi-permanent color, of course). Over that period of time, I have gotten a wide variety of reactions. Some of the more memorable reactions were guys yelling “cool hair!” from several feet away, girls asking to touch my hair, and little girls stopping to talk to me everywhere I went. On the negative side, I had mothers sighing and rolling their eyes while they ignored their daugthers’ vocal fascination for “the girl with the blue hair over there.” Also, I had people thinking I was into anime cosplay, and to that I would just say, “I like punk.” The worst comment I ever got in public, which happened on many occasions, was “Hi/hello Katy Perry!” Shoot me, please.

Why wouldn’t some people pierce their nose if they would pierce their ears? Why wouldn’t some people pierce their eyebrows or lip if they would pierce their nose? Why wouldn’t some people get tattoos if they would get cosmetic surgery? Is it a conviction or a preference? The conventionals have the same odd reaction to people with unnatural hair colors as someone with piercings or tattoos—possibly even worse. HAIR COLOR IS NOT PERMANENT, even if it says so on the box. I would say that there is a stark difference between the two.

Permanent or not, the conventionals look into what it represents. Sure, I can buy into that (no sarcasm). Even though it’s hard to discern, I do believe in staying away from “the appearance of evil,” 1 Thes 5:22. Pertaining to modesty, there might be a select few who get aroused by women with unnatural hair colors, but that is a very narrow number from what I am aware of (depending on where you hang out also). Women’s hairstyles haven’t really been too much of a distraction in the office—unlike showing cleavage—unless it literally obstructs others’ vision. That is why you don’t generally see Christian girls covering their hair for protection from sexual predators.

So what else could be a reason why unnatural hair colors leave a bad taste in the conventional’s mouth? It might also be because it represents rebellion. Rebellion isn’t such a bad thing. I’ve been embracing it all my life. However in my earlier days, especially as a teenager, it wasn’t the good kind. I still automatically turn my nose up against anything too popular, without really having a good reason for it. I may be immature in that way. So to be compared to the queen of today’s pop was my warrant to murder someone. I am appalled by shallow expressions of meaning (as they dictate lifestyles “artistically” and/or technologically), and I will not stop rebelling against it by whatever means I am allowed.

What I am wearing: Boston Proper lace shirt – Hanes blue t-shirt – Steve & Barry’s jeans – LS sandals – Manic Panic Shocking Blue – Sally Girl nail polish

Dream of the 90s: Grunge

July 2nd, 2012

Taken from Portlandia 

I never thought I’d put the 90s on my list of fashion raves, especially when it used to be my least favorite decade for style. The musical shift from the 80s to the 90s may have been the most awkward transition in the history of music, but in the fashion world, the change didn’t seem to be all that bad. While I was rockin’ platinum hair status before redoing my hair to a darker blue, I did enjoy the “trashy” 90s look a lot. My favorite day was when I had messy hair (both on purpose and accidental, because I somewhat fried my hair with all the bleaching, so I just kind of went with the look). I wore baggy button downs as a cardigan with some of my favorite bands’ buttons on, a Jets t-shirt, black bike shorts, and brown hiking boots with white socks. So, my outfit kind of looked like the first picture you’ll see below (different and livelier colors and with a button down to go with the shirt). Here are some of my favorite iconic 90s looks:

This image was taken from Asos, and those sequin cycling shorts are killer. Sadly, they are out of stock now. I have been generally obsessed with cycling shorts lately. They are great for layering.


Plaid skirts are great. However, I don’t think I’ve found one with the perfect length—right on the knee or slightly above. Sadly, I find a ton of minis everywhere, but I found a remedy for really short skirts by just wearing bike tights underneath. They look really cool, contrary to how it may sound. I like the uniform look a lot, and plaid is perfect for that look. I was deprived of a pleated plaid skirt when I was in private school. I had a uniform that had colors resembling an inverted tree—light beige top, green pleated skirt (and tan socks). And oh yeah—I just bought some Reeboks that were almost the exact same pair as Audrey Horne’s (Twin Peaks) black & white oxfords. However, I thought the quality was not great, because the paint started to peel off the first day I wore them out. I’m selling them here if you are interested (update: SOLD.)


I think my favorite color for lipstick has been wine for a long time now. Occasionally, I used to opt for a really bright red lipstick. I don’t really wear lipstick too often though, because I find that it dries my lips. In fact, a lot if not most chap stick and lip stick dries your lips. Perhaps lip tints work better? Of course, drinking a lot of water is hands down the best thing you can do for your skin and your lips.


Picture from Marc Jacobs


Picture from Marc Jacobs

Though there are many others that are iconic of the 90s, the things I put up are just looks I’ve been trying out and enjoying these days. My husband Rob looks great in 90s clothes, which he likes to wear still :) Is there anything from the 90s that you used to wear and/or still would put on today?

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