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Yay! Here is my first outfit post since the wacky Web host crash. I definitely look happier than usual in the succeeding photos. Throwing on clothes with bright colors can probably make anyone’s mood somewhat better. There’s some proof that clothes may just be able to save the world… hah! Who am I kidding?

It’s been really hot these past few days, but this outfit was surprisingly very comfortable, because it’s made with light and silky materials. It’s a sure score to find decent and pretty clothes with materials you can layer even during the summer. It’s possible even for someone like me who’s really weird with handling temperatures, so I don’t see the weather as a reasonable excuse for wearing close to nothing when it’s hot.

Today we ate at a place called Z Burger where a lot of high school youngsters like to hang out because they have cheap greasy comfort food. I must’ve seen like ten teen girls wearing the same thing—tank tops and short booty shorts. I know that in high school it’s “cool” to show as much skin as possible, but why do they all have to dress alike? It gets kind of old. You don’t see the art kids do that of course. Art kids in high school wore the most unique and outrageous things, and those people to me were the coolest. Fitting in was a survival necessity back then, though, but I really found assimilating unattractive (to be distinguished from not being social) just to have people like (the fake) you. I’m not entirely sold on the idea of “safety in numbers,” unless safe means superficial. Of course, the more isolated you are, the crazier you get. I like crazy…unless we’re talking about being anti-social or delusional (Harold Camping?).

Oh yeah, my brother-in-law Dave and husband Rob just launched the game they developed for the iPhone today! It’s called The Last Defense of Our Time. Dave made the game, and Rob did the music and the copyediting for it. It’s really awesome. Rob and I have spent a lot of our weeks (with very little sleep) these past few months in PA with Dave just working on the game. I might have to formally introduce it in a post later, but please do come and support us today by checking out the game at the iTune’s store! It is a game with a retro feel (think Atari’s Missile Command with a Nintendo/8-bit soundtrack) and a lot of plot and character development. It’s a whole lot of fun!

Thank you all for keeping up with this blog. I really appreciate your comments! I shall be returning them shortly.

Server of Satan

May 24th, 2011

So, what has been up? If you’ve seen my Tweets, Facebook messages, e-mails, or have just been on the blog this week, you probably already know that I’ve been jacked up big time by my villainous Web host, WebHostingPad.

I’m going to take this time to expose their devious schemes and republish this article everywhere on the ninnernets. Retweet and link to this post if you feel compelled to do so.

Although I do not believe Harold Camping and his prophesy-yet-again flop (apprently, he is still sticking with his Oct 21st prophesy), coincidentally, the blog shut down completely on May 21, 2011.  WebHostingPad had a massive and “rare” server crash that wiped out all my databases—including other customers. All gone, irreversible. Not only was this blog hosted on WHP, years of work that I did for other people in my business were also on there. The apocalypse may not have happened for everyone, but it sure felt like it for me. Back when I first signed up with them about almost two years ago, I did do my research and found them to be an okay company with so-so reviews. I bought into the extremely cheap price and astounding service that they promised and just went ahead and entrusted my life’s work to their malicious server, ignoring some of the negative feedback people had left in their reviews.

The day I found out that their servers crashed, I contacted tech support through e-mail, chat, and phone. None of them expressed their apologizes or were sympathetic in any way.  Only one employee that I caught on the phone admitted that it was their fault and couldn’t do anything to revert the damages. Everyone else that I conversed with through e-mail sent me short replies with no mention of this internally caused tragedy.  I believe it’s a ploy they have,  not saying anything in writing that can be potentially used against them legally. I tried my best not to be emotional about it, because I surely was devastated and mortified by the company’s reaction to all of this. As a side note: One thing I dislike about us females in general is our tendency to take our hightened emotions everywhere, including inappropriate and professional situations. I’ve dealt with those kinds of women in the business world, and I can really see the point of why some people firmly believe that only men should lead countries. There are rarely women who can stay feminine yet also be emotionally strong at the same time. Just food for thought, ladies. I’ll probably write more about this issue some other time.

Anyway, going back. Researching on more review sites, I found an adequate amount of negative feedback for WHP, with comments including the words “scam” and “rip off.” One guy said that his credit card got charged even after he cancelled his account. Some people also had their business Web sites hosted on their servers, so this crash (or other crashes in the past) cost them a lot of money and lost business. I was fortunate enough to have a somewhat recent backup of this blog and my other professional work, but I still lost a lot of posts and one entire business Web site that I made for a client. The client had paid over $2K for this work, but thankfully, it wasn’t being used at the time of the crash. God may have saved me in this tragedy by having this client let me go after they were done with the Web site before this crash happened. Even with that small, fortunate (yet outdated) backup of mine, WHP still should have been responsible in backing up their customers’ databases regularly. It’s most likely that not everyone hosted on their servers knows how to back up their own stuff, and it was clearly WHP’s fault for losing all that data. I’ve backuped and restored data easily in the past on other hosts, but this time, the backup that I got from WHP was faulty and incomplete. This was a unique and much more complex situation to solve even for a techy person like me.

WHP advertises a 99.9% uptime guarantee. What a lie. Even before this megacrash, my Web sites were only up maybe 70% of the time, but I let that go. A couple of months leading up to doomsday, they were only up maybe 30% of the time. Their service got exponentially worse. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but the problems didn’t start until way after that timeframe. One person from one of the reviews I read even said that immediately after 30 days, his Web site started to act bananas. It was too late for the man to get his money back, unfortunately. There was nothing he could do about it, because it was a policy clearly stated. I paid four whole years in advance to be hosted on WHP to get their most awesome low-cost monthly deal, but little did I know that I was baited hook, line, and sinker to their fraud. I wasn’t even halfway done my time, and they had already lost all of my databases—as long as the problems start after 30 days right? Fail.

I went on WHP’s Facebook page and posted comments questioning what had happened, without being rude or obscene. The next time I checked on the page, the comments were all gone, I was kicked out from the fan page (I wasn’t a fan anyway), and I hadn’t even gotten replies from the administrator. The comments on their page are kept positive, still promising the 99.9% uptime guarantee to anyone interested in their services. It’s best to just look at objective and reputable review sites when researching about companies.

I really want to sue this company for false advertising and damages, but as I looked everywhere on the Web for help, I read that it’s almost impossible to sue an Internet company, because of jurisdiction difficulties, among other things. Rarely have people won or even pursued lawsuits against online businesses. Almost all of them, including WHP, have terms of services that protect them from liabilities. WHP, I think (after trying to interpret their vaguely written fine print) has a policy that says they can only refund the amount of money the customer paid if ever they would have to legally do so—the thing is, whatever the other customers and I lost are worth much more than what we paid WHP! The difference is massive.

I was literally immobile and in tears for losing all that work and stayed up for days just trying to restore what databases I have backed up from the past. It was a difficult process because I didn’t expect something of this scale to happen beyond my control. Some of you have seen the dreaded default page I had up when I did a fresh installtion of WordPress,  a database connection error, a blank page, and what have you. I even saw a few comments come in right when this blog was still all wacky from the imperfect restoration process. Thank you so much for sticking with me through all of this. Some of your precious comments were also lost if they were left between the time I backed up this blog and when WHP servers crashed.  I was able to restore some of those missing comments and published posts, though, because they went straight to my e-mail. Thank goodness for redundancy. Redundancy is one of the things you need in order to protect yourself from losing digital things.

By the way, the title “Server of Satan” was not at all meant to have a religious connotation. I was trying to be comical and hateful at the same time, so please excuse me if it offended anyone, because I only meant to expose Web Hosting Pad for their evil ways.

Some negative reviews from Webhostinggeeks.com:

This post was originally for a guest post on Jesus Couture’s Web site, but it seems like they’re probably going to take an ungodly amount of time to fix their blog, so I decided to put this up here. It was still nice of them to ask me to write for them, though. I really appreciate the thought. Here goes…

I thought I’d talk about clothing within the church today. Since I assume that a good number of you are Christians reading this, I feel the need to address this very issue—sadly, it has been an issue. I’m sure that you recall that we are called to be the “salt and light” of the earth, which means we are to be set apart from sin and from the world. From what I have been seeing, it seems like a lot of us do not look at all different from the rest of the world.

What I really mean by this is that we dress like everyone else does, we see the same kinds of movies and TV shows without filter, talk the same gossipy talk, walk the same catwalk, etc. I don’t really see any harm in indulging in a lot of secular things—don’t get me wrong! I love my rock music, art films, and French coutouriers as long, as they don’t incite lustful thoughts for my husband or me. However, we should know our boundaries. We can still be part of this world but not of it, according to John 17 and Romans 12:2.

They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. -John 17:16

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing, and perfect will. -Romans 12:2

I think the problem with a lot of churches now is that we tend to want to adapt to our surroundings to be more inviting to others—this to a fault. To an extent, this is okay. We do need to be inviting. When a church becomes too gimmicky and hip while watering down the message, presumably to “dumb it down” for people they assume would not get the Bible, it is an example of giving in to the world. God’s Word should be straightforward enough for people to understand. This is something that we need to trust Him to take care of.

As far as clothing goes in church, I believe that we women should not be wearing the blouse with the plunging neckline, the mini skirt, or the tight jeans that most every other woman we come across is wearing. Christian men, including pastors and husbands, have confessed about lusting after women, both single and married, in their church. It is true that lust can be triggered by anything regardless of clothing, but there are some types of clothing that invoke this much stronger than others and as a direct cause right then and there. We can assume that men are trying their best to not lust after us, but we have the other half of the equation to think about, which is to try to help them (and ourselves, really) to not think of us (ourselves) as objects of lust. Lust isn’t admiration. It’s far more dangerous than that. It ruins lives and marriages, and it can start for a man from just seeing an inappropriately dressed woman in church and perhaps lead up to his seeking out and viewing pornography. Again, it’s a 2-way street. The man can call upon God and the power of Christ to renew his mind after seeing something that entices him, but the initial thought was presented by a care-free (careless?) christian woman.

If lust were admiration, then lust would care about or respect the person it is admiring. Lust, however, isn’t like that at all. It selfishly partakes of whatever is available then moves on to another (usually more desirable or intense) object of lust. What kind of relationship would it be if lust were the basis of attraction? Temporary and fake.

Most of the things that I write about here are related to personal experience. I was not always a believer in modesty’s importance to the Christian faith. In fact, I walked the catwalk and even talked the gossipy talk just like every other woman in the world, and the main difference was that I believed in Jesus Christ. I was off to a good start. Jesus is the central message behind Christianity. However, I didn’t realize how much my clothing was a stumbling block to people who wanted to believe in Jesus or who already believed in Him. I came to realize that my clothes and some of the other girls’ clothes were distracting men from being pure in thought and serving God with a clean mind and spirit. The other girls in church and I were not helping these men with purity and doing our part of concealing our cleavage and thighs. I had to put God first and go against my natural inclination to dress to attract without any real boundaries.

I know it’s not fun to talk about reality sometimes, but not one good thing ever really happens when we wear clothing that doesn’t conceal sexually enticing areas. Clothing like that makes us feel good, but so does sin. However, modest clothing doesn’t have to be boring and awkward. I really hated and still hate unflattering clothing, but modest clothing can be attractive (though not necessarily designed to attract/distract) without being sexual. Some of the stuff I have on my blog includes photos of what some other girls and I look up to wear that might hopefully give you some inspiration.

If our God is the God of all beauty and creation, then why do you think you have to be frumpy to be modest?

Camo, dawn til dusk

May 16th, 2011

I wore this camo skirt with two different outfits in one day. These photos represent a little bit more of how I look on a blah day. It’s been really ugly out with all the rain.  I do feel unmotivated to dress up at times just like most people. Also, I don’t do too well matching purses with clothes either, because I just have way too many things to transfer when switching from purse to purse. It seems I’ve gotten too lazy using purse liners, although they are a great invention. I usually just marry myself to one purse for an extended period of time even though I have quite a few. My purses don’t get “pimped” as much as my clothes, I guess… Some girls just have more purse-sonality. Harhar.

I’m wearing Rob’s Burrito Boredom shirt that we got from Qdoba for participating in their video contest. I also have on this chain belt that I broke that very day. Bummer. The day before that, I tore a necklace! Am I getting stronger or just plain careless?

It got chillier as the sun went down, so I let my hair down and put on a ruffly cardigan that I wore as a blouse, juxtaposing the camo. I used three safety pins as buttons to close the gap on the cardigan. Having a shirt on underneath, I felt the need to only put on three. Sometime I would love to create a punk shirt, though, with more pins on it—Richard Hell style!

I think I may have outgrown this skirt, because it’s much shorter than I remember. When I took this picture, I had already pulled this skirt down my waist as low as the zipper allowed. It could’ve always been too short. I’ve had this since high school, and I think I just stopped wearing it because for a while I thought cameo was tacky. These awesome military style boots are from the one place where I get all my shoes now because of style, convenience, and price—UrbanOG.

I have three giveaways running this month. The first is for Rey Swimwear ending the 21st (this Saturday), and the other is for UPrinting’s 100 custom glossy postcards ending the 26th  (next Thursday). The third giveaway is coming at the end of this month. Watch out for announcements!

Has anyone noticed my new Pacman header? Retro games rule. My brother-in-law and husband are working on a pseudo-retro game on the iPhone. I would love for you all (with iPhones/iPads) to support them once the game is finished! It’s a really fun game.


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Abolishing Abortion

May 10th, 2011

I want to introduce you to a fellow steam punk and style enthusiast Don that I met through the blogosphere. He has amazing steam crafts for sale on his Etsy, which I highly recommend you check out. Just about a couple of weeks ago, he put up a series of photos taken from a pop-up book he made called Life. You may read his post here. It’s an interesting and artfully dark take on his ill-favored conception, justifiably filled with anger towards his parents’ rejection of him. He agreed to have me interview him about his strife as an abortion survivor, and I coaxed him not to hold anything  back (though I’m sure he did). It’s probably not fair that I lead these questions in a very biased (pro-life) way, but I can’t deny that I write with an agenda—in fact, most people do, though they may not claim it.

Rachel: I have heard little of abortion survivors, and I’ve never actually known one until I met you. Can you explain how you were able to survive this senseless operation?

Don: Abortion survivor syndrome (ASS) is only a new term and can refer to parents who abort, their living children and to the actual survivors of abortion. I am classified as an ‘ambivalent survivor’ –as in I was not wanted by my parents, abortion was considered and my mother considered killing herself while I was a foetus. This was confessed to me by my mother weeks before she died. This left a massive scar on my emotional state that only recently I have come to accept and acknowledge.

Rachel: From the artwork that you made, it seems that you feel a lot of anger towards your mother. I don’t blame you for how you might feel. I don’t support the freedom given to women to abort—in any circumstance. That said, how much do you know of your parents?

Don: My father confessed to me that he almost killed my half brother by throwing him into a river out of vengeance and my mother gave up her first child for adoption. I did feel a lot of anger towards both my parents-now I just feel sorry for them. The fact that I hated my blood so much actually manifested in ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpure) a rare blood condition where I was bleeding from the inside out.

Rachel: Some of the women I’ve talked to who are pro-choice say that mothers who choose to abort not only think of themselves. They say they also think of the future of the child and how they would not want the child to live in an environment where there is no father or they have to have someone else as a father. This was their response to my suggestion of giving up children for adoption instead of killing them. Honestly… what bull. In your opinion, is there any valid reason at all for a woman to have an abortion?

Don: I think women that abort are only thinking of themselves. Why are they pregnant in the first place? Why did they have sex in the first place? Why did they choose that person to have sex with? The easiest thing a woman can do is open her legs. I think there are very few legitimate reasons for an abortion. Maybe in a sexual assault situation but that would be about it.

Rachel: I believe that the greatest works of an artist are inspired by something very personal and deeply emotional—such as a tragic experience. Would you say that part of your drive to create art isfrom the hurt of abandonment?

Don: I found art and the fantasy world in my head a very safe and comforting place to be from an early age. I really did need something to cling to and escape into. Then I used my art as a way of being accepted by the world. Now I use my art as a voice.

Rachel: There is no denying that you will inevitably carry your mother’s genes for the rest of your life unfortunately. This might be the most personal question here, so feel free to decline. Do you see some personal flaws in yourself that you believe may be a reflection of the kind of woman she is—such as, the tendency to want to leave relationships or to have little regard for the feelings of others or the effect of your personal decisions on others?

Don: My mother (and father) was very cold emotionally and not physically warm. Up until very recently I was pretty disconnected from other people and I did bail on many relationships. I used to be very cold and hard- I pretty much hated myself so it was easy to hate others. Also I felt I had to ‘protect’ myself by keeping people away in a very nasty and aggressive way. My motto was ‘kill or be killed’ and I never knew why I felt like that. It was only when all the pieces were put together that I realised what I had been my whole life.

Rachel: Some people alter their actions based on the flaws that they see in others. Because you see that your mother’s decision was a big flaw, in what ways has this knowledge changed you for the better in treating yourself and others?

Don: Once I accepted what I was and why I had lived my life with this anger and aggression I can now embrace who I really am. Gone are all the addictions I used to shield myself with for a start. Twenty five years of (chronic) pot and cigarette smoking gone. Twenty years of heavy drinking gone.

I have a wonderful relationship with my eighteen year old son and my life has dramatically improved since I realised the anger and fear I had had felt since before I was born. I also have a partner of ten years instead of a record period of six months.

Art has helped me process the anger towards my parents and I have allowed myself to be reborn. In a way I had to start from scratch.

Funny, I also realised recently why my favourite song ever is Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive. It is the ultimate abortion survivor song.

This list of images drives the point home that an actual child is being killed….


Ribbon Rabbit

May 6th, 2011

These pictures are a little overdue, because I wore this little number on Easter. I just fell head over heels (almost literally) when I first saw the red bow on the back. I knew I had to take it home. It came with the puffy sleeves and a funky 80s pattern. The dress is just a tad tight on me, so I kept getting creases all over it whenever I moved. Ironing is a pain, so I’m just going to have to make creases a trend.

These photos are epileptic. I edited these all in one sitting even though it seems like I didn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to decide on one style, so I just put all of these up. Why not? It is a colorful outfit after all.

I have one last final exam to take this weekend, then I’m off to my summer break! Hello undivided work attention… you’re no fun.

What I Wore: DIY bow clip (paper mache) – vintage dress – Chanel shoes

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