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Virgin Fest 2010

September 30th, 2010

Hey guys! Last Saturday was the smashing Virgin Mobile Free Festival. Rob and I didn’t get “free” tickets this year, because they were all sold out when we got online to claim them (they went out FAST); so we had to donate a few, minuscule bucks to worthily snag ours. The suggested donation price wasn’t too bad on our pockets because it was all for the good cause of donating to charities anyway and also contributing to the fund to keep the festival free EVERY year! We also had the golden opportunity of attending last year’s first ever free festival made possible by the pair of tickets I won from California Tortilla’s giveaway. Ah, for the love of free swag…

On to the clothes that weren’t adequately visually represented: I was wearing a really light and silky a-la-70’s dress passed on from my mother, and a pair of flat, lace-up boots. The 60’s–70’s hippie look is still very common to see around music festivals, but to be honest, I really wasn’t thinking of that when I picked up what clothes to wear. I guess the outfit just psychedelically resonated from my mood! Even though the festival was moved from summer to fall this year, the sun was still scorching. Being the cautionary chic that I was, I made sure to wear something that had good air flow, allowed for dancing movement, and had decent coverage! I just wished there was some sort of dress code policy like they have at theme parks (e.g. Hershey Park) that at least prohibits wearing underwear as tops, especially at a place where there is no age restriction.

Professional cameras weren’t allowed to be brought inside the pavilion, so it was nearly impossible to take awesome close-up shots of the performers. I had my mini digital cam with me, but that is all I own anyway! I really need to start investing in an SLR, but I haven’t given it much priority. I keep wishfully waiting for generous storks to start delivering free Nikons to people’s houses instead of babies. (Storks don’t actually deliver babies.) I’ll send you my address when you find me that stork! Wow, it seems as if Virgin’s Free Fests have spoiled me. Anyway, I had to post these photos taken by Josh Sisk for The Baltimore Sun to let you see some of the bands that played:

Pavement- A lot of people came just to see Pavement reunited after 10 years! It was Rob’s and my first time seeing them live; although, he had to wait for a longer time to see them because I found out about Pavement much later than he did. He may be cooler, but I’m luckier. I got somewhat emotional when they played “In The Mouth of a Desert.” We were also SO close to the stage when they were on!

Joan Jett- I secretly was the most excited to see her more than anyone who played; thus, I have two photos of her here. Joan is like the mother of rock n’ roll, but sadly, not a lot of people were as psyched as I was to have her there. She kept having the audience participate, but people didn’t seem to recognize her songs. They only started going wild when her most famous cover, “I Love Rock n’ Roll” played, probably because Britney Spears covered it, too. *rocks n’ rolls eyes* Anyway, Joan did say some pretty outrageous sexual remarks on stage, which surprisingly enough, didn’t get the audience too excited. PS: Sorry Joan, you may be cool, but I just don’t approve of your tank tops. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- They put the hip in hippie. It was such a dramatic transformation for Alex Ebert from his former band, Ima Robot’s look and style. We didn’t stay too long for them because we had to catch some of our other favorite bands. Band show overlaps during festivals happen, so we carefully planned who we were going to see and when we were going to leave to see the next! Jimmy Eat World- We missed a little bit of Jimmy’s show, but I really think they’ve gone a little too emo for our tastes (or they were going back to their old over-emo-ness). Rob and I still wanted to check them out for nostalgia’s sake. M.I.A.- We stayed for a few minutes to see her expecting she’d do something as crazy cool as what she did on Letterman, but nothing too cool happened except that her backup singers were creepily draped in black monk-like cloths which reminded me of the ghost in Spirited Away. Neon Indian- I love how stylish these guys are! As some of you fashion bloggers may know, Ronnie is one of Jane Aldridge’s closest buddies from Texas. Because of that, I am heavily attached to this band, and they’ve only had one album! I had known about them way before I got into fashion blogging, so I was foremostly attracted to their digital sounds.  After reading Spin’s article, I also found out that frontman Alan Palomo was among us in the pit during Pavement’s show! Chromeo- If the tiny dance forest at the pavilion had a maximum limit capacity, Chromeo would’ve been outlawed. These dudes probably attracted a fourth of the event’s population. It was getting a little gross being too close to people under the heat of the sun. The dust from the ground carried by the wind probably made people as trippy as they were, but it was a lot of fun jamming to Chromeo nonetheless! LCD Soundsystem- They were the headliners. We love them and the humongous disco ball that came from the stage’s ceiling. James Murphy still amazes me with his Kermit/Morrissey-like voice, because for some peculiar reason, he either looks like a dad or a youth pastor to me. Or Robert Pollard.

The other bands that played that day that we didn’t get to see were: Yeasayer, Thievery Corporation, Ludacris, Sharam, Maximum Balloon, Sleigh Bells, The Temper Trap, Matt & Kim, Wolfgang Gartner, and Modeselektor.

These are Crocs?!

September 24th, 2010

Besides the obvious net that serves as a fashionable prop in these photos, the shoes are today’s topic of interest. If you haven’t noticed, I tweet more often than I blog. Then again, that’s how most people are! So a few weeks ago, I sent a photo to the blue bird of these new shoes my mother bought me. They were Crocs. A few months(or years) before then, I had sworn my vile dislike against wearing Crocs and the way those plastic fiends managed to get stuck in the mouth of an escalator, eating up a poor child’s toe. Today, I was wearing the guilty crooks (Crocs) my mom gave me because they look nothing like I thought what Crocs had always looked like. These Crocs had stylish golden straps, silver buckles, and wedges all present but without compromising the comfort! It was as if I was wearing nothing beneath my feet. They were light and soft—not bad at all! Looking at Crocs’ website, I realized that they do carry different versions of the shoe. They had more than just the famous clog Croc. I guess I do see Mary Jane flat Crocs in shoe stores, but I rarely give them much thought simply because Crocs are the farthest things from my mind when I look for shoes. I don’t think I’m alone here…

What I Wore: Vintage 80’s blouse | BQB jeans | vintage jewelry from Ebay | Crocs

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Synth is Not Just a Fiber

September 21st, 2010

I’m going to go a little bit off topic! I’ve decided to include a lot of things that influence me. After all, this is a personal style blog, eh? My choice of music and movies is just as important to me as my choice of clothes.

So, I just realized that most of my favorite music discoveries from the past month are of artists that use synthesizers. I still have guitar bands on the top of my list, but I really can’t help noticing a well-placed synth.

Isao Tomita- Japanese electronic composer from the late 60’s to the early 80’s. You will get to hear his beautiful version of “Claire de Lune” in the video below. He also did the soundtrack for Kimba! You know, the White Lion…?

Snoozer- I discovered Susie Ghahremani from Anthology Magazine’s Print is Not Dead short sketch. She is my latest find and the most current of all the artists on the list. Check out the two EPs on her website.

Martin Dupont- A French new wave band authentically from the 80’s. I can only find this one album on Amazon and iTunes. If you can figure out where to find the other albums and let me know, that would be great! Listening to them gives me goose bumps. Amazing sounds!

Also, I just entered the H&M blog competition. If you like à la Modest, vote by clicking on the banner below and following the instructions on the page it takes you to. If you have your own fashion blog and would like me to return the favor of voting on mine, feel free to drop me a line! I don’t care much for competitions anyway. I’m just happy to get enough support from my readers, and the more you grow, the happier it makes me! I guess I find that joining these things allows for more people to find out about this little place on the internet without my needing to be too aggressive or obsessed about winning. We’re all out here for each other, right?

H&M Vote for my blog

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The Muse of Music & Disorder

September 14th, 2010

In the house, this is probably my favorite room, where Rob and I keep our music, movies, and books. It’s also where our guests stay when they come over, but that side of the room isn’t too attractive except for the presence of several show, concert, and movie posters on the wall (which I put up when I “decorated” the room upon my arrival as a then-newly-wed). I seem to be really sloppy at decorating. I just like how the end products look, and I’m not too concerned about how neat they turn out. I “dropped out” of the idea of art classes back in elementary school when neatness became such a big deal, eventually becoming almost 50 percent of a project’s grade. Hmm…
From then on, I never took a single art class that made me do stuff with my hands (as much as I wanted to be in one) and instead turned to web and graphic design. Disorder can often be beautiful, but being a housewife, I really can’t live by those words. I can’t count on Mickey’s magic to have my mop move around by itself while I playfully hang some posters up and professionally sit behind my PC all day creating graphics and what not!
Ironically, I am very organized logically. I like categorizing and making connections, making filing, scheduling, and—geeks out—programming a breeze. Rob and I are similar in that way. This whole media room has items that are categorized so impressively, it makes me gleeful every time I “check out” a CD. This part of the room where you see me standing is just about a fourth of the entire room, so there’s a lot more that you’re not seeing!

What I Wore: Sakura Rose Mandy tunic and “one-of-a-kind” patchwork skirt, DIY flower tulle clip, vintage necklace from my grandmother-in-law

Ruby-Eyed Okapi just posted their interview of me! Don’t forget to check out their very informative blog. They update frequently.

Guided By A Voice: Skin Parade

September 12th, 2010

This past weekend, the husband, his best man from the Air Force, and I were supposed to go away on a mini-vacation to a beach house. Our plan to avert the beach was just to hang out at the house, play some putt putt, and maybe knock out some ugly zombies at the arcade. The beach house, as we all know, is by the beach, and as a couple, Rob and I have long ago decided to avoid the place like the plague. We both humbly admit that we are not strong enough to effortlessly expose ourselves to constant skin parading without actual, tangible horse blinders.

The beach and the mall are two very different but also somewhat similar places. Both the beach and the mall have people dressed to entice sexually, but the beach allows for people to be stripped to the least clothing a person can legally wear in public. I don’t need for anyone to tell me in which of these places it is harder to keep from rubbernecking.

We’ve been ridiculed for it, yes, but we really didn’t expect that other Christian friends would think that this was “too much” and make us feel really bad about our personal decision to try our hardest to do something that’s good for us. It helps to know that people like Joshua Harris and his wife, Shannon, avoid beaches, too. See, it’s one thing to be strong and able to resist all temptation just like Christ, but it’s another thing to admit your weakness and avoid instances of what tends to trap you more than others. Like an ex-alcoholic avoids even a sip of beer, we’ve avoided witnessing explicit expressions of sexuality, including immodesty at the beach and in media. Rob has been “clean” from pornography for more than two and a half years, and I have been “clean” from immodesty since we were engaged. As fresh as we are, we’ve never been so sure and so strongly against anything that will cause us to stumble again, and that is why the beach is a no-zone for both of us. It’s not that we are religiously trying to make everybody else feel bad for going to the beach while making us seem “holier-than-thou” for abstaining (which a couple of people have complained to us about) from public bathing. Nor is it that we came up with a high and mighty rule for the sake of rules and hope to live by it as if we keep tallies or scoreboards. We decided this because we admit to our weakness, and with God’s help, we’re able to live by enjoying our life together in the other million things we can do with it. There are probably close to, if not actually, that many activities, places, and movies we can indulge ourselves in that do not have blatant sexuality involved with them. If not for holiness and being right with God, why else would we not want to keep our marriage at its strongest by avoiding anything that may keep us apart even in our heads?

I chose the ex-alcoholic/beer example instead of the ex-drug addict or the ex-smoker examples because beer in itself, unlike nicotine or drugs, is not sinful or harmful in moderation, just like skin in itself isn’t sinful. We all know that smoking and drugs are addictive and harmful to the body; whereas alcohol was drunk in moderation at a wedding party by Jesus without being a drunkard. Showing some skin is okay (face, neck, feet, forearms, etc.), but just baring it all with breasts here and thighs there transforms any public place into an instant meat market.

I used to love summer and associate it with how I liked going to the beach. I enjoyed the beach because it meant sunbathing for me, and it seemed to be the perfect place to get a natural, bronzed tan without spending money on vanity tanning salons with UV killer lasers that eat away your cells over time, producing nasty, premature wrinkles while making you think you are looking healthier and younger at the moment. That’s another lie a lot of people buy themselves into—the effects of instant gratification of the uninformed or stubborn mind. I think tanning is just like consuming alcohol. A little is okay, but a lot will consume you. Porn, illegal drugs, and nicotine however are destructive and addictive in their most minute presence. We really need to eradicate all of these things.

Thankfully, two new bits of information helped stop our beach trip—a hurricane that never really got to our area and news that our Air Force buddy had to fly a mission that weekend. We are pretty sure that in the near future (well, maybe not until next summer), something like another beach trip invitation will come up again. So what are we going to do about it? We cannot avoid everything that comes our way, especially those things involving best friends and families. It would be a perfect world, at least for us, if everybody we cared about had the same convictions so we wouldn’t have to put up with compromising situations—but alas, it isn’t. We are still in the world but not of it (John 7:14-15). I can only pray for our mind’s protection and let the Holy Spirit make us stronger.

Well the beach be one of the best things we got, cause it’s not what you have on but what you have not. – Jonathan Richman (sardonically)

Links à la Mode

September 9th, 2010

Thank you for picking me again this week, Independent Fashion Bloggers! Don’t forget to join my giveaway for a New Creation Apparel skirt while you’re here!

Working the new season with fabulous new discoveries.

Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie

I’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and I hope you’ll enjoy reading these as much as I have. This week the issue of workwear is tackled whether as a fashion blogger you’re heading to Fashion Week or you’re not sure how to translate your everyday style to the office. The latter is a dilemma I’m often confronted with when dressing for work. Through the links I have also gleefully discovered some wonderful designers to dreamily sigh over the work of; these garments would most definitely fit into my wardrobe perfectly, be it in the smart section or the purely frivolous one.

  • A La Modest Reintroducing the morality within green ethical fashion
  • Bachman’s Sparrow What better way to greet the new season than a beautiful, one-of-a-kind statement necklace?
  • Beyond FabricEnhancing your image: posture and body image.
  • Boheme NoirTen ways to style the classic Chanel jacket young & fabulous.
  • Fabulous Finds Girl Ann Wiberg creates future vintage by recycling materials with Trash-Couture.
  • Fashezine Inspired by the sensuality of Joan, the determination of Peggy, and Betty Draper’s elegance, a girl goes mad for Mad Men.
  • Fashion Limbo Brand Love or I Want What She’s Wearing – How brands fail to get me and what/who truly inspire me
  • Grit and Glamour Staying true to you when dressing for dress code.
  • Hello beauty! Review and makeup lesson video with the NARS Fall 2010 Collection with NARS National Makeup Stylist Janice Daoud
  • Intrinsically Florrie Exploring the historic city of Bath in style.
  • Manda Bear Fall Outwear Finds, Beauty Goodies and other Treasures.
  • Mis Papelicos A first Ebay buy and what to look for when shopping online.
  • Oranges and Apples A vintage wedding dress on a budget, plus some ideas for styling it.
  • Poetic and Chic In which I spot the most beautiful pair of Louboutins and get inspired.
  • Pull your socks up! What do you do with an inherited, precious and much-coveted family heirloom?
  • Retro Chick Retro Style for Autumn: Lena Hoschek Autumn Winter 2010
  • Seven Deadly Cyns Death by Cosmetics- the dangers of harmful ingredients in our beauty products and what you should look out for.
  • The Coveted What to Wear to NYFW
  • The New Professional How high is too high for heels in the office?
  • Wit & Whimsy Designer on the Rise: Whitney Pozgay

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