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This christian lady kindly interviewed me (the Glam-pire? I guess…) for her blog. I thought it would be good to post this on here because there were a lot of things discussed that haven’t been mentioned on my own blog before.

All women want to please their husband. Has your modest clothing affected your relationship with your husband or others?

Modest clothing has made my relationship with my husband stronger and more meaningful. We are working as a team to reject the lust in our lives through our individual efforts. He tries his best to look away from and not dwell on sexual images and immodestly dressed women, and I try my best to dress modestly to aid in preventing other men from looking at me inappropriately. It is necessary for the husband and wife to do their part in honoring God through purity and to work together in this effort as with everything else. Lust insidiously devours marriages, and that is why it is effective for couples to openly discuss and work together to promote purity to as a way of dealing with anything that might potentially harm their relationship. My husband gets the benefit of having and enjoying me only for himself in private when I avoid dressing immodestly in public, and I get to trust and worry less about my husband with his thought life when he avoids any instance including media with visual sexuality and nudity. This doesn’t solve the problem of our lusting completely, but with God’s help, our obedience creates for a better marital atmosphere.

How do you think modest apparel has changed the ways others look and think about you?

My stand for modesty has definitely affected my relationship with others. I have received more respect from people in general because of my strong beliefs, but I have also received the cold shoulder from some. There are still others who get influenced by me in the fashion sense but not in the modesty sense. My clothing has affected people in so many different ways, and my reaction must be to ultimately try to please God and not be shaken, saddened, or flattered to the point of vanity.

Who or what is your greatest fashion influence?

My fashion influences come from independent thinkers and artists from various cultures and decades, contemporary and timeless art through music and film, and… Jesus. Some examples of my influences are Joshua Harris, author of Not Even a Hint (which talked about God’s ultimate standard of not having even a hint of lust), Björk, and my two ever so fashionable IT professors from college.

Tell us a little about your blog and upcoming boutique.

À la Modest is an indie and vintage fashion blog with the twist of modesty. It shows and tells of my experiences with sexual purity through my clothing along with tidbits of fashion inspirations through different forms of art. The boutique will hopefully be online in the fall and will have many of the same mix of indie and vintage clothes I wear. The clothes themselves will not only display my style but also my personal standards for modest clothing. Each piece of clothing will carry a name and suggestions on how to wear or style it.

Favorite online or real places to shop?

Because I don’t believe in the need to wear expensive clothes but rather in the expression of modesty and style, I like to shop in places that offer bargain prices. Besides my eventual own creations, these places include anywhere with a sale rack (may it be Charlotte Russe or H&M), Goodwill and other thrift stores, flea markets, indie clothing designers abroad, and online stores.

What do you think is the answer to the world’s constant skin parade?

There really is no one answer to eradicating immodesty everywhere, but prayer and living by example will be to great avail.

If you could say one thing to Christian ladies about clothing and fashion, what would it be?

The desire to dress modestly must come from deep in your heart and convictions. It does not come from being too rigid or religious but from a personal life-changing transformation, just like your faith. If you are modest just because of your upbringing, culture, or other people’s expectations, then it might not have as strong an effect on your heart as it is only in your mind. Do not be a lukewarm modest Christian woman. Be radical.

Any fashion and buying tips for those new to modest dress?

Modesty can also include modest means, so don’t buy anything too expensive just for the sake of style. Do not compromise modesty for style nor your budget for fashion. As for covering up: I believe the most important thing to remember is to conceal your chest, as it is one of the most sexual (and overexposed) parts of a woman’s body. To play it safe, make sure that your cleavage doesn’t show even when bending down (without pressing your hand against your chest), and don’t wear anything that hugs the body tightly. Skirt lengths, shorts, and pants are more debatable among many Christians. My own dress code excludes shorts and skirts above my fingertips (when standing) and skinny jeans. It is not for me to tell you a set standard, but I base my standards on experience and a bit of common sense, the input of godly men in my life (the foremost of course being my husband), and prayer and contemplation of scripture.

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Sacré Bleu!

July 26th, 2010

From Monday to Thursday of last week, I was house-sitting for my parents-in-law while they were away on a beachy vacation. I took the opportunity to snap some pics of some sights by their shed and of their delightful vintage paraphernalia throughout the house.

Below is a painting of my grandmother-in-law. She was a petite woman of size 20″ waist. If only my waist was that tiny, I could’ve worn her Princess Belle-like gown for my wedding (without ripping the seams while trying it on!)

I was wearing a tunic worn as a blouse underneath two pleated skirts. I was originally wearing just the shorter blue skirt around the house but decided to add some coverage to it while I was outside. It didn’t turn out TOO awkward-looking. These two skirts were actually part of a school uniform. Boy, do I remember how our old school’s skirts were almost down to our ankles!

Hubs and I are in Delaware having our own mini-weekend getaway with our chum Tim from the Air Force. I wasn’t allowed to take photos around the base (nor as expected, allowed to know certain I-have-to-kill-you-if-I-tell-you kind of information). Even so, we were psyched to be shown around his own C-17 plane (same modified model they used in the movie Avatar as a military “space” ship). I got to sit in the pilot’s seat for several minutes. It was pretty sweet.

We also got to see the mind-blowing movie Inception on Friday. Because of that, we planned on having a Christopher Nolan movie marathon. That panned out to watching the entirety of Memento and considering watching the Prestige. A really freaky thing happened to me on Saturday morning that had something to do with the movie. If you hate spoilers, don’t read any further! I had totally forgotten that I was going to get up before Virgin Fest opened their registration madness online for tickets, so I didn’t set an alarm after staying up all night and hitting the sheets around 5AM (last year, the tickets got sold out within three hours of being online). So on Friday “night,” I had this strange dream that ended in me being shot in the back. I then woke up with this strange drilling feeling in my back. I checked the time, and it was just a few minutes before the festival’s registration opened! My lucky stars. Somebody killed me in my dream in order for me to get up in time before tickets got sold out—or at least, I’d like to think of it that way for fun, because it followed the rules of the movie (that’s the semi-spoiler, and it’s all I will say). We’ll be seeing a lineup of several of our favorite artists: Pavement (reunited after a long hiatus), LCD Soundsystem, Joan Jett, Jimmy Eat World, Yeasayer, Chromeo, and Neon Indian!

In other news, thanks to Christa Taylor for featuring me in Empowered Traditionalist‘s blog. Photos from the same photoset were also featured in Market Publique‘s blog.

Links à la Mode

July 24th, 2010

Thanks to Independent Fashion Bloggers for choosing my blog post again for this week! Mine is the second link (the article featuring Laura Burhenn). Please note that “Links à la Mode” compilations are from IFB and may contain clothing or views that I may not necessarily agree with.

More than a Fashion Blogger

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

Whatever your thoughts are about fashion bloggers, this week’s links a’la mode reads were quite evocative. Hardly does an article leave me questioning my own thoughts or ideals, especially when talking fashion. I may be moved to buy, but deeper? (sans any type of societal injustice) These bloggers brought more to the table, as Vogue Gone Rogue did with her declaration of the coexistence of feminism and fashion. Yet, I was proud to be an entrepreneur after glimpsing into the world of a bridal consultants leap into fashion design.In a world where a new fashion blog is born everyday and everyone is a critic. Confessions of a Fashion Editor interviews an outspoken blogger critic while Guacamole & Toast ponders if we should even care what others say. Whether you read because of the pretty pictures, fun reads, or fashion tips, know your authors are more than fashion bloggers.

Links à la Mode: July 22nd

  • 365 Fashion Rehab- The Cost/Quality Conundrum. Three tops in three different price ranges: How do you really know if the quality of a garment matches its price tag?
  • A La Modest- Thrifting Down the Mainstream: “With this new wave rave for vintage, even Goodwill is raising their prices because the more affluent kids are ransacking their racks for one-of-a-kind retro rompers and sixties sandals.”
  • Bachmans Sparrow- Transform your basic tanks into beautiful, statement pieces with just a little lace. Check it out in my easy DIY tutorial!
  • Bobbins And Bombshells: Who’s That Behind Those Foster Grants? Part fashion history part give away!
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor- Nati Hell, of ‘Fashion Bloggers Why?!’ Answers Back
  • Cuffington- The Tale of the Tape- A chance encounter with an old handmade mix tape cover (crafted nine years ago from a page torn from an issue of W) takes me back to the very moment when I truly became interested in fashion, and what fashion was capable of.
  • Denim Debutante: Paula’s Denim Dear John Letter
  • Eva Lu- Tame those Bangs! 3 ways to keep your hair looking pretty while cycling through the city.
  • Fashionizehaus- Style vs. Fashion: Tips on Developing the Fomer
  • French Leaving- Lovely Clusters of Beige: A collage of selected Etsy/Lovely Clusters picks of beige items.
  • Hello Beauty Blog- Bobbi gets a little rock ‘n roll with her latest collection, Denim & Rose.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: When Words Attack Bloggers
  • Living Embellished- Unmask Italia: Learn of the wonders that lay in the Venetian Masks
  • Miss Jones and Me- Binary Opposition: Applying the device to my life and my wardrobe
  • Parker and Muse- Balancing my day job as a bridal consultant/photo editor with starting a fashion line: The economics of pursuing my passion.
  • Style it You- Condé Nast recently rejected Mario Epaya’s proposal for Vogue Africa. Will fashion ever embrace diversity in beauty?
  • The Curvy Fashionista- Christian Siriano for Payless for Fall 2010: From Runway to Realway?
  • The Haute Hoosier- Supermodels are Dead: Introducing the Catwalk Queens You’ve Never Heard Of- A round up of some of today’s hottest catwalk queens.
  • The Vintages Contemplations on caring about public opinion and considering the potential success of the typical blog – one with a blogger who is not particularly glamorous, rich, or thrifty, only average, as most of us are.
  • Guacamole & Toast When the day is going bad just hop on your bike and ride out into the sunset. Your worry’s will melt away as the sun sets! Let the wind blow all the cares away! And do it in style of course!
  • Vogue gone Rogue- A closer take on feminism and fashion.
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Hey Rachel! I got the rings in the mail today, they are so pretty, I love them! Actually they both happened to match my outfit I am wearing today so I ended up putting them on right away. ;D hehe. Thanks again, I love them so much. Have a great week, marie

This beautiful blonde in a baby blue embroidered dress is Laura Burhenn from The Mynabirds. She used to be in another band called Georgie James with a counterpart blonde, John Davis, who is now currently in a really neat D.C. band, the Title Tracks.  It was so unfortunate that she had to part ways with John, who is well known for having a voice like that pretty punk, Elvis Costello.

When the interviewer on Laist’s website asked Laura about the church imagery in the photos you’ll see below, she said:

Those photos were based on that blue dress. I found it at the Salvation Army in Iowa and thought, “I have to wear this dress!” It was like a strange version of a wedding dress that Dolly Parton might have worn. There was something really formal and special about it. I wanted to do the photos in D.C. proper and so we did them at St. Stephens Episcopal Church. They put on a lot of punk shows there and Georgie James had played there a number of times. It’s just a really nice community center. I never even thought about it as a religious place. I just liked the image of a woman sitting in the church pews for the cover. It’s very mysterious. She looks like someone who’s contemplating something deep.

There really is no shame in thrifting. I used to go to my local thrift shop a few times a month back in high school and never admit to my covert visits. Although a lover of great fashion designers’ talents, I still should not have been ashamed of my whereabouts for Saturday shopping sprees. It didn’t help having a credit cards-and-caparisons cousin with just about unlimited funds on my scattergood father’s side of the family. Thrift stores were my tiny treasure coves for the flat broke with the heart for art.

Besides, it seems that thrifting has been more of a fad lately, as seen in fashion blogs all over the internet. With this new wave rave for vintage, even Goodwill is raising their prices because the more affluent kids are ransacking their racks for one-of-a-kind retro rompers and sixties sandals. I’ve been scavenging these stores secretly since I was a kid, and now slowly everybody else thinks it’s actually cool to enter the dusty doors of Thriftopia. I could’ve been my high school’s fashion editor if it weren’t for the mainstream fashion mania and my succumbing to it. The same group of kids who wore nothing but what the magazines told them are most likely drooling over the vintage dress Burhenn wore in these press release photos (more below.)

This transition of the mainstream to vintage might or might not be in full effect soon. I just don’t like it when a newbie joins the bandwagon late and wears nothing BUT vintage clothes. That is why I do not really define my style in a solid “vintage-only” category. I like to create my own vague references with mash-ups of different decades and cultures—or at least, that’s my goal.

I see clothes as I see music or movies. You have to be open-minded to the possibility of finding treasures in any place and not be stuck with one piece, genre, style, decade, or brand name. This sets apart the people who can think for themselves from the crowd followers.

Regarding modesty, I see it as being a touchy subject even to religious communities. I know I make people smile when they see my clothes but they get somewhat uncomfortable hearing and reading about the reason behind my clothing choices. Perhaps someday soon the mainstream will drift (and thrift) in the direction of modesty. One can only wish (and pray…)

Thanks to Tawny for interviewing me last week! Read the interview on her blog.

Here are the rest of Laura’s nifty, thrifty, and modest photos in church:

This shot was taken right after making the video for “Let the Record Go.” I embedded the video right below this photo to explain the cake mess!

The friendly fashionable fiends before the food fight:

The Mynabirds- Let the Record Go (I spy: a skull, a gun, and poison!)

My Elvis Costello Glasses

July 15th, 2010

Elvis, taking a photo of you

He is so money… and very stylish.

I’ve been wanting these glasses for a while now.

Like paper dolls.

This week has been busy, so I’ll have to push the post on the role of women to next week. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Rachie the Raker

July 12th, 2010

Instead of flexing my non-existent womanly “guns” at the camera as Rosie the Riveter did in her famous pose, I decided to replace the shot with myself handling a broom. Hello, Rachie the Raker!

This blouse was my mom’s. She sometimes passes on clothes to me when they get a little tight on her. This is a large-sized blouse, and it fit the small-sized me just fine by being tucked in! The “Get Young” pin was from the Pretty & Nice show my husband, Rob, and I went to in Chicago while on vacation. We hung out with the band for a bit after the show, and the conversation continued through e-mail with mutual mp3 exchanges from Rob’s newest album. Their next gig was in our hometown, but ironically, we missed that one! The dainty shell necklace you see is from my grandmother-in-law. It means so much more to inherit vintage pieces from the family than to just scout through shops!

How I am wearing this red scarf is just one of the many ways I fancy wearing scarves. You can never really have too many of them!

Yesterday, I was inspired to do a post on femininity, particularly on the role of women in society. I decided to postpone the article until later this week. It got more in-depth than expected and a little too lengthy to go with the outfit shots, so I decided to put it up as a separate post altogether! On the same day, I also lost one subscriber to my blog. It might have had something to do with my strong grounds on modesty along with the heavy posts that elaborate on them. Even so, I will continue to write passionately about my ministry, the very ground on which à la Modest stands.

On a lighter note: Here is a photo of Alexis Bledel as Rosie on the left and the real Rosie the Riveter on the right. I really like those buttons on Alexis’ pants!

P.S. I just realized that Spain won in the FIFA World Cup. The colors I am wearing here are totally unintentional! I live for coincidences…

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