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Last night, I had a rare but delightfully pleasant chat with my sister-in-law who lives in the Philippines. We’re trying to have phone dates more often, but it’s especially hard when we live in different countries. We satisfied each other’s “couture-osities” with exchanges of style preferences from each other’s side of the globe. I introduced her to a whole world of modest fashion—particularly vintage and indie clothing from retailers like ModCloth, publications like Eliza Magazine, and various Facebook-like social style communities.

Once in a blue moon, my parents go out of the country for leisure (and almost always some business as well). Whenever they do, my sis-in-law is always ready to do some shopping errands for me. I love her! I can never go wrong with her picks, in spite of our different styles—she is more into the bohemian look. I can certainly trust her judgment provided that I send photos of items I like as a guide!

1. Gladiator wedges- I haven’t really found any good deals on gladiator wedges ever since I started drooling over them a few months ago. I found lots of gladiator flat sandals, which aren’t really what I’ve been looking for. As you can see, I threw some other cool-looking wedges into the mix. My sister-in-law said that gladiator wedges were expensive for her too, but she definitely wanted to scout a pair for herself when she saw these babies!

2. Cuffs/Bangles and Necklaces- I described and sent these photos to her of some examples of the type of jewelry I wear. I like bold, classy, Victorian-style pieces. She quickly responded that accessories were everywhere at bazaars and asked if I wanted rings to match. I told her that I had stopped being too crazy for fashion rings ever since receiving my engagement ring and wedding ring. I want the symbol of my covenant to be most prominent when someone sees my hand!

3. Brooches- The style of brooch I like is just the same as the type of jewelry I wear, shown in the pic above. Besides on my clothes, I especially like to pin brooches on my hats.

4. Scarves- Silk and satin scarves are a staple of my closet. I am in love with the Parisian look of having the scarf twisted to the side of the neck and laced on the head in a way much cooler than your grandma’s style!

5. Belts- I am lacking belts with big buckles, so I had these on my shopping list as well. I can pick up a cheap belt at the thrift store with a shy-looking buckle any day! Belts are great to wear with bigger-sized vintage clothes.

6. Tiered Skirts- I like knee-length or longer skirts, so it’s probably hard to find tiered skirts that live up to that length since most of them “fall short” on the “high” standard! So, I guess I gave my sis-in-law a challenge in addition to the detailed list! However, I made it easier for her by not including other types of clothing. I think I’ve got the rest of my à la Modest clothing covered right here in the U.S.!

Speaking of à la Modest clothing, I am opening a boutique accessible online in the Fall! I am very happy to share with you the same style of clothes I wear. It will be a mix of vintage and indie pieces modified by yours truly to fit the modern but modest clothing lifestyle. I think I’ll finally pick up that sewing machine my mother-in-law offered me. The last time I used a sewing machine, it wasn’t digital! You can’t get anymore authentically vintage than that! The clothes will come with tips and photos to help you style them, so you know exactly how I would wear them. More on this soon!

Also, I want to thank Lauren of Least in the Kingdom for featuring me! You might also want to check out her darling blog.

Neon Indian

June 25th, 2010

Yes, I am referring to a band that I like from Austin, TX in the title of this post. You must check them out if you haven’t yet!
It wasn’t really my birthday today. This balloon from my actual birthday last month is still alive.

The vase had vibrant pink carnations, which unfortunately did not last as long as this balloon. Sad times.

What I am wearing is actually a skirt. I’ve been doing this pretty often these days with my really long skirts. They are fun to switch up sometimes! Just wear them with a belt, and presto… you have a dress!

You know what would be really cool to wear with this kind of outfit? These chunky colorful rings I am giving away!

Chandra from More Modern Modesty, or MoMoMod, invited me to do a guest post on her blog. She specifically wanted me to write a post with a “philosophical” context. She came to the right person, but I hope to not bore you with my usual novel-length musings within this requested category! Below is the original post I wrote for her site:









I started my blog, à la Modest, not to put up a righteous tone and prove that the way other people dress is wrong, but as a product of my need to express the new awakening in me of a desire to dress modestly. Neither my history nor my background predisposed me to dress the way I do now. My sense of style started out rather immodest, as I was always wanting to flaunt and attract just about everybody’s attention. Unbeknownst to anyone, I was engulfed by the darkness of insecurity. I fought and lost battles to achieve what I was lusting after—a certain look that I could never achieve, a status quo that I should never have been reaching for, and a desire from men that I should never have stolen. I can not even begin to describe how these things destroyed the way I lived and viewed life. I became dangerously anorexic wanting to achieve that model figure, dressed like typical MTV pop stars just to be like everyone else, and gave the wrong guys the time of day—all with the purpose of fulfilling that longing for love and appreciation.

Thankfully, God swept me away from all of that. He kept me physically pure after all those years, always nudging me back to His love before I lost myself completely. He provided me with an amazing husband who played a big part in my decision to dress modestly. Even though I was already informed of how certain clothes seduced men, it didn’t really stick in my brain or my heart as something immediate and of high importance until I heard it from someone I loved dearly. Isn’t that true for most of us—that we truly learn from experience and personal contact and not just through books or sermons? I did not deserve such a gift, or such mercy, but neither really does anyone else. God knew I needed Him so badly, because I cried out to Him day and night for some miraculous resolution in my shattered mind.

You’d think that marriage would have solved my insecurity, but you might think differently if you really considered how it exposes oneself to one person completely in all aspects, including physically and behaviorally. It did play a significant part in my healing process to know that someone loved me unconditionally, but being married to my husband did not solve my problem completely. God’s powerful intervention did. The combination of marriage, modesty values, and a sense of joyous satisfaction in my own body was what He brought to my life. I wish I had grasped the virtue of these things much earlier! It would have saved me from so much trouble. God was always knocking on my door, and I listened to everything else except His urging to give up the way I dressed. Clothing-wise, I was always rebelliously stubborn and cared way too much about having total control of the way I dressed. If I were to be faithful to both God and my husband, shouldn’t I have easily given up tight jeans and low-cut shirts? I made my own stand. I chose modesty.

This decision did not just change my choice of clothing. It changed my heart, my mind, and my actions. There was never anything I was so passionate about until I learned the importance of dressing modestly. I became very sensitive to how men’s minds work through the help of my husband and other men online, offline, and on paper. Women know fashion, but most of us do not really know too much about men’s deepest struggles.

My goal for à la Modest is to bridge this gap by showing other ladies how I manage to be stylish while being covered up. I do not just post photos of what I wear, but I also write about modest philosophies based on the Bible and the psychology of the sexes. I also share other things that I personally enjoy such as art, music, and movies, pulling out from them noteworthy and modest fashion inspirations!

So, hop on over to alamodest.com and say hi! I am not one to judge or criticize. I love all people—both men and women! My blog is not just about me, and it’s not just a fashion site. It’s for everyone!

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Agent R.E.D.

June 21st, 2010

I wasn’t very smiley in these photos, but I actually smile a whole lot. I laugh a whole lot too. I am not very hard to please, but then again, maybe I’m just polite.

Well, there’s a smile!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, my initials are “R.E.D.”. There’s a whole story behind my initials if you care to know. When Rob and I were courting, he used to call me “Red” because of my hair color. I’ve taken on the nickname since then. For some bizarre and unfathomable reason, at the time, he and I didn’t realize that they were to be my initials once we got married!

A few month’s before we got engaged, we realized this possibility/inevitability, and we couldn’t help but giggle together about how amazing it was! Rob even made sure my engagement ring was adorned with rubies in honor of my soon-to-be married name. Here’s to the man that I married who gave me such an unforgettable nickname which later became my initials!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for cute and colorful chunky lucite rings! Want to enter another giveaway? New Creation Apparel is having one, too!

IT Geek & Fashionista

June 18th, 2010

There are only really a few IT women out there. I am not sure why, because this field is just a combination of a variety of common subjects such as math and art, both of which have a near equal representation of both sexes. I remember sticking out like a sore pink thumb in my college classes sitting among a pool of guys and and only a handful of gals (who sometimes just as well dressed and acted like the boys). I obviously don’t believe that all women in this field act like tomboys (or fictitious “fembots”). As far as I can remember, I’ve been hard-“wear”ed to mess around with computers just as long as I’ve been into fashion. I grew up with all brothers, but not once did I ever display an inch of masculinity in terms of the way I dressed. I do however like a lot of things that guys generally like or like to do, but I credit those acquired and welcomed behavioral patterns to my brothers and my ever coolest husband! Bottom line is that I may look and dress girly, but I really do enjoy a wide variety of things from the guys’ side in general. Having a technical background is just one of them (loving sci-fi movies is another!)

I felt like writing about being both an IT geek and a fashionista today because I really just wanted to show you what I wore (or most of what I wore) to a meeting I went to this morning. I had to do an informal presentation and demo on a document management application my team and I were proposing to a county in Virginia. I was reminded of my two favorite women IT professors back in my college, whom I greatly admired for their beauty, skills, and exquisite senses of style. RateMyProfessors.com had outstanding hotness records for them both even though they acted and dressed very professional and stylishly modest at all times. Yes, I said hotness. I wouldn’t have really admired them if they were anything less than the other things I mentioned!

I had my hair in an easy updo because it was “haute” outside and my hair has gotten quite long. I think this hairdo looked most appropriate for the setting, don’t you think? Maybe it’s also because I didn’t want to keep flipping my hair out of nervousness!

Moving on to off topics!

This is just one of two books that I got from the library a few weeks ago. They were to serve as both art and music inspirations!

Here is a close-up of all the jewelry I was wearing during the shoot. One of my professors loved pairing bold jewelry with office clothes.

Links à la Mode

June 17th, 2010

I am very pleased to share that I’ve been chosen again for two weeks in a row on Links à la Mode by The Independent Fashion Bloggers! The original post from their website is below, and I am on the first link. Feel free to check out the other posts for this week! Enjoy!

P.S. Outfit post with lots of photos coming tomorrow! If you haven’t entered my giveaway for hand-made lucite rings yet, enter here!

links a la mode

You, Only Better
Edited by: Ann Colville Somma of Holier than Now
It’s a strange culture we live in: we’re always told Just be  yourself!, yet the bestseller list is chock-full of self-help books and memoirs depicting radical change. Finding the balance between total  transformation and chilling in our pajamas is difficult, but that’s why  I love the blogosphere. Here, inspiration is served up one manageable  bite at a time. Want to save the world? Start with vintage beachwear – the  purchase benefits disaster victims. Hoping your man evolves into a  sharp-dressed diaper-changer?  Let’s begin with a chic- and sustainable- Dad’s day gift. Looking for  your dream job?  Take baby steps by revamping your  work wardrobe and taking notes from inspiring entrepreneurs.
Links à la Mode: June 17th

It’s always the few weeks before summer that get to me. The weather between spring and summer always goes from nice and breezy to suddenly scorching. It’s like microwaving coffee, where after you’ve warmed it up for just less than a minute, you’re fooled into thinking that your beverage is lukewarm, but in fact it’s boiling hot. My time-traveling agenda would be to somehow hibernate during the summer and fast-forward to fall. Alas, because I have priorities and a husband to attend to, I simply cannot live out this fantasy! I just have to be really smart about what materials to wear as a modest fashionista.

I bought this pretty thrifted yellow vest last weekend. I had to put something inside because it was too short for my torso, so I paired it with a backless and sleeveless shirt made with really light material to go inside. I had that shirt before I chose to really cover up (thus the intentional missing material on the back of the shirt!). I decided to keep it around for handy layering and also because the pattern was cool. I still have most of my clothes from the pre-à-la-Modest days because I knew that with a little creativity and modesty guidance, I could somehow still wear them wisely. I just have to remember to avoid succumbing to the temptation to wear them as is without any layering.

I will leave you with a little unintentional inspiration from The Beatles: “Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right!”

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