1/2 of 2012 Obessions

Because I have been away for so long, I can’t write about everything I’ve been into lately. I guess I can always space it all out in different posts, but I decided I would just make a collage of stuff I’ve been geeking out on. Can you make out some of the things you see? Maybe I can come up with a stupid awesome prize (like my friendship or something) if you can accurately point out most of them (I am in the collage, by the way). I mean, if you are freakishly into a lot of the things in this collage, then where have you been all my life, twin?!

Oh yeah, it’s my birthday this Wednesday, the 30th. I shall be dalawampung lima. Hah!

PS: Before I forget, here are some of the sites that have plugged à la Modest while I was gone (or just links I haven’t added to the archive). Thank you so much. Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone.

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