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monkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform boots monkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform boots monkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform boots monkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform boots

I am wearing a graphic tee from Monkey: Journey to the West, an awesome operatic play composed by Damon Albarn (of Blur and Gorillaz) that we got to see in New York around this time a year ago! My husband actually bought it for himself, but it just got a tad small on him (he is beefing up, I suppose!)… so I get to wear it! Yesss.

I don’t really wear graphic tees much like I used to when I was in middle or high school. When I wear it now, I like it to say something accurate about me or what I like. I used to just put something on that looked kinda cute or cool without really thinking about what the graphic or words on my shirt say. I remember back in middle school I had this bubble gum pink jersey with glitter that said “Tiki Beach. Clothing optional.” I mean, what was I thinking? I was a Spice Girl.


Debbie Harry from Blondie

Graduating from lameness, I decided that I was going to be more intentional about graphic tees. I’d wear images of my favorite bands, albums, philosophical ideals, conspiracy theories, etc. Of course, I also thought about being mentally apt about being approached and questioned more than usual about the messages literally being communicated through my clothing. Would I be prepared? It’s definitely happened before at a grocery store when a gentleman approached me about my Beatles shirt, which is the most typical graphic tee of the most celebrated band. That was too easy. I generally stay away from the obvious, just because I am a soul always looking for something unusual in common with people! That is why Rob and I click :)

Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins

PET PEEVE. I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wear iconic rock bands on their t-shirts, have you? I don’t like to judge, but I know I’d be so ticked if they didn’t know much about the band. There are other sacred or sinister symbols that are so misunderstood that a lot of people like to wear fashionably–the cross, the masons, the evil eye, illuminati, etc. I would wear any of these symbols only if I was prepared to say anything other than, “I don’t know. It looks cool.”

Vocal  graphic tees on anyone though can be just as annoying as bumper stickers plastered all over an insecure car. Can your entire personality be summed up on to the space on your chest or the butt of you car? Probably not. That is probably why a lot of us misunderstood individuals like titles of our own choosing, because it’s nice to belong, to associate sometimes. However, these things always fail to summarize the complexity of any individual, and I am usually still left misunderstood :-/

It cracks me up that I used to own shirts with Japanese Engrish on them. It was charming at first, until I realized that I could easily be mistaken as someone who can’t speak English just because I am Asian!

Do you like wearing graphic tees? What kind of graphic do you tend to pick?



winmachi-citypisceshoes giveaway machi city pisces heels wedges flats s-alamodest

What girl doesn’t like shoes? Before the summer ends, you could win a free pair of shoes from CityPisces this month! Above are just a few of my favorites from CityPisces’ website. They have one of the most affordable prices online for really cute shoes—so if you don’t win, you could always get yourself a pair for super cheap! ;-)

If you win, you score yourself SHOES OF YOUR CHOICE from the list below. I got myself some hip taupe wedge sneakers from their Machi brand in a recent outfit post.



winmachi-citypisces-harpenv winmachi-citypisces-lina1 winmachi-citypisces-zulyii




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a la modest dress circle skirt lace vintage cute asian

I had fun styling this 3 in 1 dress made by La Voici. I must say, it is incredibly WELL MADE. I feel like thousands of dollars in the craftsmanship put into this French quality dress. The materials used are sturdy and built to last. Most of all, La Voici’s selections are a dream for the layering addict.

a la modest dress circle skirt lace vintage cute asian fashion blogger

Above and below, you’ll see me wearing the three pieces (lace long sleeved shirt, the sleeveless crop tank, and the red circle skirt). The timeless look can be worn with something more formal or casual like how I styled it here. a la modest dress circle skirt lace vintage cute asian fashion blogger

Below, I switched to high waist jeans instead of the skirt. You’ll want to wear something high waist if you don’t want to show the skin between the crop tank and your bottom ;-) a la modest dress circle skirt lace vintage cute fashion blogger

In the photo below, I am wearing the same skirt but without the lace overlay for warmer days! a la modest dress circle skirt lace vintage cute fashion blogger

For something more hip and laid back, just the crop top with some good ole’ high waist jeans!

a la modest dress circle skirt lace vintage cute asian a la modest dress circle skirt lace vintage cute asian


I leave you with a video of Raveonette’s She Owns the Streets, because I just can’t help but dance in these clothes! Warning: Undies in the beginning :P

The music, the scene, and your mood can all affect how you get lost in music, but are there certain clothes that put you in the mood for dancing as well?

citypisces-alamodest-wedgesneakers-beige-workout-exercise-outfit citypisces-alamodest-wedgesneakers-beige-workout-exercise-outfit citypisces-alamodest-wedgesneakers-beige-workout-exercise-outfit citypisces-alamodest-wedgesneakers-beige-workout-exercise-outfit citypisces-alamodest-wedgesneakers-beige-workout-exercise-outfit citypisces-alamodest-wedgesneakers-beige-workout-exercise-outfit

On a typical workout day…

CLOTHES. I always wear capri leggings and a sleeveless workout top. They’re great for flexibility moves and inversions, so you don’t accidentally flash someone while you’re upside down! I find that loose workout clothing can actually be more immodest depending on what you’re doing! A nice snug but not too tight outfit is best. Too constrictive is uncomfortable and will limit your range of motion.

I usually opt for darker tones for bottoms to minimize my bottom curves, but today I opted for something brave and bright for a change. It’s summertime after all!

I also find that capri leggings as opposed to full length leggings also minimize the look of bulkiness on the legs. If you’re heavier on the bottom or have short legs, you can either go for dark colors to draw away attention from that area or wear below the knee capris to hide where your knees end. Capris also hug the hips, butt, thighs, and everything else… so there’s also the option of wider leg capris if you want to be a bit more covert!

I sweat SO MUCH that I have to wear clothing with material that’s breathable, so I can’t wear 100% cotton or anything heavy. Invest in a good workout top (and bra) and bottom!

JEWELRY. I try not to wear any jewelry when working out especially when doing yoga. If I do, I make sure it’s not metal. I believe that when practicing any kind of meditative exercise, metal on your body disrupts the flow of energy that’s needed for healing. That means no underwire for my sports bras.

SHOES. When I don’t do yoga, I like wearing comfortable sneakers. I don’t do a lot of cardio at all but instead do a lot of interval training and isometric exercises like yoga and Pilates, so there’s really no need for me to wear typical running sneakers when I go to the gym. These neutral sneakers with a tiny wedge in them are from City Pisces. They’re sort of beige too, so they help elongate the look of the legs! I like that these sneakers are only $30!

Speaking of, City Pisces will be having a giveaway for SHOES, SHOES, SHOES hosted here on ALAMODEST this week! Watch out for it!


 When you have good workout clothes on, you feel good about yourself and your workout. I personally tend to want to achieve more!

What do you like to wear when you workout?



michalgolan-alamodestb I haven’t done a black and white photo series in a long time, and I know I should do it more often if I really do believe that 90s Guess ads are what I worshiped growing up! I’m currently wearing my favorite dress with Cathedral-like stained glass pattern paired with lovely jewelry designed by Michal Golan. Pardon my hair here! It is in its “no poo” glory!

Michal Golan has really beautiful jewelry. What I like best about it is its themes and the intricacy involved in every piece. She’s made several designs of the Hamsa, the evil eye, the cross, the Star of David, and other Jewish symbols to name a few. Born in Israel, Michal preserves history and culture through the symbols incorporated within her jewelry, and this is what makes every piece worth more than mass produced adornments dabbling in similar themes.

My necklace has a large Hamsa pendant covered with Swarovski crystals and glass. You may know that this symbol represents good luck, happiness, or protection, but what you may not know is that just like the Swastika, this symbol appears in so many different religions and cultures—including the big three: Islam, Christianity, Judaism. The Hamsa in Islam is called Hand of Fatima. In Christianity, it is called Hand of Mary. In Judaism, it is known as the Hand of Fatima. Whatever the original source, the meaning is usually the same and is associated with goodness. The evil eye on the other hand is its opposite, and the Hamsa protects against it.


Though I haven’t worn much jewelry lately due to avoiding metals to encourage free flowing energy between the earth and myself, I do enjoy the occasional adornments from beautiful pieces like Michal’s!

Do you have a favorite symbol(s)? What does it represent?


michalgolan-alamodest6 michalgolan-alamodest2 michalgolan-alamodest5 michalgolan-alamodest3 michalgolan-alamodest7

To add a little bit of color to these photo series, below are shameless selfies wearing Michal Golan on two different occasions ;-) As you can see, I wear my bangs like curtains on my forehead whenever I feel like it!

Wearing: Michal Golan Hamsa necklace & Michal Golan earrings from the Sky Collection


alamodest bag fringe rachel dahl alamodest bag fringe rachel dahl alamodest bag fringe rachel dahl alamodest bag fringe rachel dahl 2-7bags8 copyalamodest bag fringe rachel dahl

Here is a series of photos with two preppy fashion handbags of the same exact style. I love the golden accents, zipper, and tassels on these bags from Purse Obsession! The straps shorten and lengthen depending on whether you want to wear this as a handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody—a plus! The sun and spike necklaces are from Born Pretty, and the outfit was a gift from my dear mom from her trip the Philippines <3

When you can’t decide what color or style is cuter on something and the price is a steal ($25 for both bags and $8 for both necklaces!), sometimes you just have to get both! ;-) Oh, and here’s more—you can use this 10% off coupon code for all jewelry from Born Pretty with code “DAHT10.” You are welcome!

Stay cute and on budget.



alamodest bag fringe rachel dahl


lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian dancers pose lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian dancers pose

Tree Pose lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian mountain tree pose

Swan Pose lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian swan

This is probably the first time I’ve ever published photos of myself in a bathing suit on this blog, but I wanted to show this lovely one piece seaweed swimsuit by Lime Ricki!

Above is a series of yoga poses that challenge balance, flexibility, and opening of the hips. The first three are variations of a graceful yet powerful pose called by many names—Dancer’s, Shiva, Lord of the Dance, Lord Shiva, King Dancer, Dancing Shiva, and Saral Natarajasana in its original Sanskrit. It was one of the first poses I ever fell in love with when I first started with yoga asanas. Even when other postures capture my attention  now and then, I still go back to Dancer’s like love at first sight! There is at least a couple of other more challenging variations of this pose that I didn’t end up taking photos of.

Yoga has been ever so popular and mainstream these past few years, and the more I learn about it, the more private and personal it becomes to me. It has almost become sacred but without the connotations of  judgement or bias and exclusivity that usually come with religion. The benefits of yoga posturing are almost therapeutically immediate, and that is why it is so popular in the West (besides the coolness factor of the more challenging strength and balance poses!). However, to live by the yogic philosophy takes a great leap of faith—perhaps even greater than you would need for Christianity.

Don’t get me wrong. In a way, it takes a lot more faith to be a Christian because Christians believe in Christ being God, while there is no requirement for a Christ in yoga. Christianity is the only religion with this kind of message, where there is a need for a savior for salvation or liberation. So what I really meant to say is that for Christians it takes a whole lot more to believe in yoga than for someone who isn’t.

What do I mean by this? Many of us Christians believe that The Bible is the only source of truth. Now, there are many things that have once been thought unshakably accurate for decades in the macroscopic lens of science but proven to be inaccurate in the microscopic sense—nonetheless, they are all correct though their conclusions misguided, ie physical sciences vs. quantum physics. Thus, having seemingly opposing information doesn’t always mean only one of them is true. We are after all looking at truth with our limited spectral perception. I believe God did not include many things in the Bible not because they are evil but because we wouldn’t understand them. Things like all of humanity’s innate ability to perceive beyond the five senses probably also aren’t as important as what He really wants us to think about with our limited time.

Realizing that in and of itself, information is not evil however, it is my desire to have all and in particular Christians understand that Yoga is just another lens to look through the same world and the same universe. The philosophy of Yoga is information that may seem opposing to Christianity, but it is very much integrated. The barrier of language and culture have obscured this lens, making us think that this foreign concept is shaking our faith when both Yoga and their personal faiths are all standing on the same foundation.

Just like the sciences however, yoga, or any other faith or practice, our conclusions may also be misguided, judging the world to be flat rather than round or in the the center of the universe instead of in the wayside, all while having the same data. However, it never hurts to inquire about ourselves and the world around us. See for yourself and not look to what others are saying about a certain practice, belief, or way of living.



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